Black Lives Matter - More Resources


Most of the information in my Black Lives Matter posts have come from @dehyedration on Instagram. They have a link in which you can add to all your social media profiles to help spread useful information at no cost to you.



Educate Yourself

For Protestors

DO NOT share pictures or videos including protester’s faces or identifying features, the police WILL find and charge them.

Research Protests Before Attending

Many white supremacist groups are creating fake protests and your life could be in danger. Many are police traps as well, RESEARCH.

Map of Protests

Treatment for Tear Gas CDC

How to Stop the Bleed

Pro Bono Lawyers (Thread)

Pro Bono Lawyers

Protest First Aid Tips

Safety Tips for Protesting (Thread)

Delete your Digital Footprint

Police Spotting 101

Data Protection

Photographing Police Brutality

Digital Security (Thread)

Resources on How to Tackle Racism

Let me know if there are any more resources I should add to the list above! A x

*Image from @saree_frangine and @zaynescandycane

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