Arriving at Nirvana Spa


I recently visited Nirvana Spa, a luxurious pure water spa based in Sindlesham, Berkshire. The spa is both a day spa and members club. I've been to this spa twice before, once in 2017 and recently this past month. I thought it would be great to do an in-depth review of the treatments, facilities and the overall experience. Discover stunning spaces where you can relax, indulge and revive. Time just slips away as you explore the many beautiful features, each designed for effortless relaxation.


I would like to point out that you can’t book online and that it’s something they should rectify but then this creates a problem for the members who like exclusivity. Look at their website to have a feel of what they offer and what package you would like to go for. My sister and sister-in-law went with the Simply Relaxation package and I went with the Indulgent Relaxation which includes a 25-minute treatment from a list.

Both packages include a buffet lunch, robe and towel hire as well. You can also book more treatments, their concierge service takes the time to ask what you are looking for, whether you need advice on treatment and get you booked in. You will need to provide your credit card information for your packages plus treatments at the time of the booking but you get charged after your spa day most likely due to any additional costs you come across on the day such as added food expense or adding another treatment on to your day, we got charged two weeks after our visit. 

Nirvana Spa’s Concierge service (calling them a receptionist or customer service people doesn’t seem like enough) makes you feel special and extends beyond that first phone call. There is no call waiting here. You’ll receive an email shortly afterwards that confirms all the details including your schedule for the day

It is worth noting that the website is great and contains all the prices, memberships options a full treatment list with reviews too. If you want to buy gift vouchers or buy your membership (there is currently a waiting list to join), you can do this online too. It’s the booking of the spa days itself that you need to make a phone call for.

We made an Excel spreadsheet to schedule out our day so it was easier to book over the telephone for timings of treatments, for relaxation and lunch etc. 

Arriving at Nirvana Spa

We chose to go during a weekday as we were guaranteed to get a little quieter relaxation time compared to the weekend. My sister and I arrived at the spa at 8.45 am, our journey didn't take long at all as we live about 30 min away, soon after we met up with our sister in law who came an hour later after dropping the kids to school. The spa is open from 6.45 am till 10.30 pm during the week, (weekend time differs). 

You need to check-in at the front desk using the official entrance (members have their specific entrance), you get provided a schedule for the day so you know what time your treatments are if you haven't noted them previously, a tour of the spa - optional, and provided a robe and towel. These are included in the day spa packages and you have unlimited usages of towels and robes so when they become wet you can grab new fresh ones from the reception. Make sure to bring your flip flips though, otherwise, you can grab a pair for a couple of pounds from the reception. Previously, they used to give you a printed map, now they have cut back on the paper and they have boards of maps dotted around the spa to help you direct your way.

Our check-in was very quick and pleasant. You get provided a key card to use to access facilities of the spa such as the wellness suite, you can also use your key card to add food (which is added to your tab to pay off at the end of the day) and when requesting you free unlimited soft and hot drinks which is included in the day packages.

 The changing rooms are large and clean and quite spacious with two sofas and various benches positioned around. When we visited in 2017 they had coin lockers which now have been updated to key lockers which you can pin to your robe, however, I attached mine to my spa day card so I didn't have to remove it from my robe every time I got a new one. 

My next post will feature the skincare workshops they offer and dining at Nirvana Spa. 

Christmas is coming up and you may want to start dropping hints at a Nirvana Spa gift voucher!

I would recommend their membership if you are within easy reach or are prepared to travel more than a few times a year, the facilities they are amazing even without getting treatments done. Although Trip Advisor does raise some questions and concerns as to recent standards for members and the exclusivity of Nirvana Spa. 

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