Wish List Wednesday


Here are some things I (want) need in my life! I haven't done an updated wish list in a very long time, so I thought that it should be today's post and it is fairly easy to put together, these are the lastest things I am interested in purchasing.
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I love Adidas shoes, they are made really well and supportive of the foot. I have had previously the Original Superstars and the Gazelles in suede. Sadly, I've worn both out and I'm looking for a new shoe to wear and what better than to try something new too, and try the Stan Smiths. I love the whole white trainer with a bit of colour as it makes it able to combine with various outfits to make it look flawlessly chic.

I truly think my love of coffee stemmed from watching shows such as Gilmore Girls and Friends and later started to drink coffee at 15, looking back now it seems horribly unhealthy to be drinking it while my body is still developing, but hey ho, what's done is done. My caffeine intake progressed to three cups a day while at university as one cup just doesn't do it anymore. Researching into a coffee machine, I stumbled upon the Breville which allows you to use grounds as well as pods, it has multiple drinks settings and a milk storage container...I was sold.

3. Wet Brush Pro Detangler Brush Rose Gold Swirl
If you have curly, frizzy and untameable hair then this is the brush for you, super affordable and works through wet hair!

I've always wanted a pair of Dr Martens. I always used to have a pair of military boots during school and 6th form and finally, my last pair actually gave out during my first year of uni and haven't bought any military-style boots since. 

I like to keep my brushes separate from my makeup, it's been a habit of mine since I started wearing makeup and what is most perfect about the Morphe brush case is that it keeps your makeup brushes safe from damage due to its hard structure and the best bit is the design which means you can pop the case open and have all brushes at a pinch instead of dumping all your brushes from a bag on your surface when doing makeup which also causes some nasty makeup stains to occur.

Since Dr Martens announced the launch of their vegan range it has spurred me on to think more about purchasing these bad boys, definitely, a pair of edgy current and universally accepted brand compared to its unpleasant inception. If you have no idea what I'm talking about Google the history of the shoe brand, you'll be very surprised.

I used to hair a pair of the leather gloves from my days of working there, however, sadly, they got stolen when my car got broken into last year and I never got a chance to replace them. They are brilliant for when driving in the colder climates, protecting your hands from the wrath of a cold steering wheel or when de-icing your windshield, plus they look really cool on!

I have been seeing more and more people investing in a hand steamer which helps get creases out of their clothes in a jiffy without wasting time in setting up the ironing board and making sure the iron is on the right setting and has enough water in it. I thought a hand steamer would come in great use for when I need to wear Indian clothing, as it is much more prone to damage with its full amounts of embroidery and made from delicate farbics such as satin silk or cotton.

This is a must-have product in the beauty world. I have heard it is such a great product if you have oily skin and need something with more staying power. I am currently using the Mac Prep+Prime loose powder, but once it's finished I'm coming for this bad boy!

I used to have one of these before which I brought from Groupon for a third of the price and this is the best beauty sponge I have ever used, definitely worth the price tag, however, does come a bit pricey when having to replace it as often as you do when it wears down.

I actually bought this previously for my friend for her birthday and ohmygoodness, I have never seen a highlight with so much give, she applied it to her collarbones while we were in a bar and it was blinding in the low light!

I love the shape of this handbag and very similar to the Chanel Boy Bag minus the hefty price tag.

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