What to Bring to a Day Spa I Printable Checklist


Hey guys, I recently went to a day spa (more about that in another post) and I have been to two previously but it has been a while since I have and I was packing my bag to make sure I don't forget anything when I realised I didn't know if there was anything, in particular, I needed to take for this experience.

I like lists and they're so helpful in remembering what you need to do or need to pack and I couldn't find much in the blogging community for what to take to a spa day or a handy checklist to print and use. So, I have saved you all the hassle and created one myself readily available to use in PDF or printed format. Just click the link below! 

Available via my Google Drive using this link, you can download to use for free!

And as always please credit me if you are going to post this to your socials or anywhere on the web -> @boldinorigin 

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