Back to M.A.C Program


Do you love freebies as much as being environmentally conscious? It's easy to rack up several products empties only for them to end up in the bin, but more beauty brands are becoming more eco-conscious such as Body Shop, Benefit, Kiehl's, Lush, Origins and Garnier to name a few, to exchange all your empty products for a reward. 

The Back to M.A.C scheme has been around for a while, you can bring six old casings in exchange for a free lipstick of your choice (except the Viva Glam or one of their Limited Edition lipsticks) to any of their stores, counters or through the mail (their website will be able to tell you more information on the latter).

"Because we share your commitment to the environment, M·A·C accepts returns of its primary packaging through the Back to M·A·C Program. By returning six [6] M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice (excludes Viva Glam Lipstick and Limited Edition Lipstick) as our thanks to you. Please note, Lipsticks provided at no charge cannot be returned or exchanged".

The website also details items that are not accepted for the program such as sample containers, travel sizes, cosmetic applicators and tools, bulk wipes, refill pans for the Pro Palette, blotting sheets and limited edition products. Sometimes they will deny your exchange if you have depot your singular eyeshadow pots because it does not contain the metal pan, however, if you make a bit of a fuss and inform them that others and yourself have done it previously and the exchanged has worked they should still give you your free lipstick.

However, American or M.A.C Select users can benefit from the Back to M.A.C Extended program, and exchange their 6 containers for a free lipstick, eyeshadow or lip gloss as well. They also do not have to wait to finish a total of 6 containers, instead, members of the program can use the Back to M.A.C tracker to bring them in one by one until they have a total of 6. We definitely need to have this system here in the U.K.

Summer Empties 2019



Info: Cleans and revitalises the delicate eye area naturally. Contains Naturally Active Ingredients™ Eyebright, cornflower, witch hazel, aloe vera. The product states it is suitable for contact lens wearers and contains no animal extracts
My POV: Great product, very gentle and doesn't sting the eye area, not oily, I use this to remove my eye makeup and to freshen up my eyes when they feel puffy or tired. 
Repurchase? I would 100% recommend buying this product. I got this free when I bought the Liz Earle Hot cleanser lotion -  RRP 150ml £16

Info: 48 hr non-stop, anti marks/stains/fading-black/white/colour. Skin breathes, antiperspirant and anti-stiffening. Doesn't contain alcohol or parabens. Has a safety on and off lock switch on the back so you don't accidentally spray yourself in the eyes etc.
My POV: It worked in terms of no transfer of product but didn't help in terms of preventing me from sweating, would need reapplication once or twice throughout the day. 
Repurchase? I wouldn't recommend this product, there are much better ones out there. RRP 250ml £2.51

Info: Nourishing eye cream, rich in natural Vitamin E, high in antioxidants and defends the skin against environmental damage. For normal to dry skin and dermatologically approved.
My POV: It is a light, non-greasy cream and it's great for the delicate eye area. A small spurt goes a long way, lightly dab it onto your eye area with your ring finger which I prefer to do. My eye area feels smooth, soft and I've noticed it has helped with the pigmentation as it is now noticeably less dark than before. 
Repurchase? I would 100% recommend this product as a first time use eye cream. RRP 15ml £3.49


CuteBalms Macaroon Tinted Balm in Crushes Berry 
Info: Does not contain parabens.
My POV: The pot is lovely and a nice size, small enough to throw in any handbag, smells great and has a good deep colour tint to it. You could easily use this as a blush as well it blends really well and gives off a natural flush colour. However, due to the consistency, it doesn't last very long on the lips and feels tacky when applying or wearing it. It isn't the most hydrating or moisturising balm out there and I would often use a separate lip balm under and over it. 
Repurchase? I got this product with a GlossyBox I got a while ago, I didn't really finish this product because I just didn't like it. I wouldn't recommend buying this product. RRP £3.99 

Info: A long-wearing blendable cream shadow that can be worn alone or with other products. Will not streak or crease and buildable coverage without looking heavy or cakey. Water resistant and long-wearing up to 15 hours.
My POV: I must admit I have had this product since I was 18 and I'm 23 now (I know, I know I broke one of the most important makeup rules, please forgive me). I had used it on and off for years, in the beginning, I thought it was a great product but then over time the consistency of the product changed and the outcome wasn't great even after mixing which apparently it what you have to do before you apply the Mac Paint Pots to your eyelids regardless. 
Repurchase? Safe to say I don't think I'll be using this product again - wouldn't recommend. RRP £16.50

Maybelline New York Volum' Express® The Colossal® Cat Eyes Mascara
Info: Collagen enriched formula and unique "claw" brush.
My POV: I bought this as a spontaneous purchase, I had many other mascaras at this point and I tend not to buy more products when I have some I need to finish first otherwise it becomes a waste of money, products expire before full usage etc. But, OMG this mascara was amazing my eyelashes were flared accentuating the outer end lashes especially giving it a nice feline look (think Kendall Jenner lashes) fully coated in black. The mascara wand was curved with short bristles making it especially easy to get small shorter lashes in the corner of the eyes. It lengthens and defines the lashes quite well, it stays on pretty much all day, however, I suffer from severe dry eyes so I always keep it on me so I can reapply. 
Repurchase? If I could I would! This item is currently discontinued (weh), however, Maybelline Lash Sensations would probably be the closest product you could get to this one priced at £8.99.

Lollipops Paris Délicieuse (delicious) Lip Balm
Info: "fabriqué en france avec amour and sans paraben" - Made with love and without parabens. The formula is enriched with vegetable oils (wheat germ, macadamia nut oil, beeswax ...) and Tepescohuite, with soothing, emollient and restorative effects. Anti-oxidant vitamin E protects against damage from UV rays and pollution.
My POV:  The lip balm is a  colourless rich cream with a hint of vanilla. It has a greasy velvety smooth consistency but it is hydrating and nourishing on the lips. A great product to use just before going to bed so you wake up with soft supple lips.
Repurchase? The product came in a Glossybox, I've had two of these so far, however, it is not available for purchase (urh), 10ml.


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Daily Miracle Treatment 
Info: With Heat Protection. Detangles to resist breakage. The vitamin-infused, leave-in conditioner nourishes and detangles dry, damaged strands to help hair resist breakage and feel silky smooth. Safe for colour-treated hair.
My POV: I love using this product as soon as I've finished washing my hair to help with my frizzy curly hair to be more manageable. I use this product alongside a curly hair mousse and sea salt spray which helps keep the curls nice and curly without turning into a frizz ball or how I like to call it 'Hagrid hair'! My hair is also very very dry so it helps to keep it a little hydrated. 
Repurchase? Definitely! RRP £5.99

Have you tried any of these products? What was your experience like when using them? I'd love to know, comment down below!