Blogging Goals for 2018


2017 Blog Target Review

Stats Target:
300 followers on Instagram
200 followers on twitter
25,000 page views
100 followers on BlogLovin and Campus Society

Actual Stats (as of 17th Feb 2018):
228 Followers on Instagram
0 likes and 2 page views on Facebook
8 followers on BlogLovin 
13 followers and 1.47 GPA on Campus Society
159 followers on Twitter
50 followers on Pinterest
10 followers on Tumblr

2018 Blogging Goals

100 followers on Campus Society 
50 followers on BlogLovin'
25,000 page views on blog
25 followers on the blog
YouTube Channel 20 subscribers and 800 views and 20 videos uploaded
Twitter 300 followers 
Instagram 500 followers
Facebook 200 likes

2018 Content Goals

- Upload a blog post x2 a week
- Upload a mixture of videos onto YouTube
- Collab with someone
- Up my Instagram game and include more pictures of my face
- Pre-write my blog posts more
- Include more professional photos of outfits, my face etc. Include more photos of myself
- Improve flat lays and product photos.
- Have photos in every post
- Comment more on other people's posts, engage with the audience, chat to more bloggers.
- Focus on beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts.

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