When is it Time to Toss your Blender?


WARNING: Post includes pictures of filthy BeautyBlenders!

BeautyBlender was the best blending sponge I have ever used but even good things must come to an end (it was painful to throw it away!). Here are the signs that you need to notice so you can toss your beauty sponge in the bin.

1. Tears and Nicks

If you have tears and nicks in the sponge this can introduce new bacteria to breed in your sponge, furthermore, it doesn't help with the finish of your make up application. Also look out for signs if the sponge has changed shape.  

2. Discolouration

When stubborn stains do not come out (hence the image below) after cleansing. The images of my BeautyBlender was post-microwave sterilisation where you can see stains that look mouldy and discoloured. 

3. Deterioration of the Foam

If the sponge doesn't hold water as well as it used to, it isn't as bouncy or soft anymore. Also, that your makeup application is not as airbrushed as it used to be or doesn't apply as well as it used to. 

4. Spots for "No Reason"

When you start to notice acne and spot breakouts when your skin is normally clear due to bacteria build up in the blender. 

5. Expiration Date

If you have had it for more than three months.

I had my blender for about two years which I know isn't the best, sue me. BeautyBlender recommends replacing your blender every three months although (no offence) with the price tag of £17 per blender, my bank account will always be crying. Currently, I'm using the RT Complexion Sponge which is better for the bank. 

If you have any more signs of when to toss your blender out that I haven't mentioned comment below!  @boldinorigin

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