University Hacks

Things I wish I knew before I started University

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My uni room tour - 1st yr

My uni room tour - 4th yr

What's in my uni bag?

Uni makeup

Exam season

Living out vs. living at home

Student living

How to procrastinate

How I keep myself motivated

Weekly routine

Student cooking

university survival tips

back to university shopping

What's in my uni bathroom?

Student finance

Day in the life of a Brunel student

What I ate at uni

Typical week at uni

How to choose the best uni for you

My student experience in 1st yr

My student experience in 2nd yr

My student experience in 3rd yr

My student experience in 4th yr


My clubbing experience

Going out at uni

Fresher's Fayre

Fresher's Week

My struggles at uni

Should you pay for graduation?

Prepping for graduation

What to wear to graduation

Revision Tips

How to tackle your assignments

Post-grad blues 

Dissertation tips

Doing a placement and my experience

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