2017 Goals Review


1. Completed: I completed goal one for the year - working on my health and fitness. I made sure I made doc appointments etc. went to the gym and lost a bit of weight, started eating smaller portions of healthier foods. Felt healthier and fitter to and that's one of the best feelings in the world!

2. Failed: I didn't complete my second goal of finishing books I've started and never finished and they remain unfinished.

3. Completed: From my working out and using all the knowledge of math I have, I've worked out to get an average of a 2.1 this past academic year which I think is great. 

4. Completed: I saved up a lot of money from working multiple jobs and being quite strict with spending at times and I managed to save some money to go on holiday twice and some spare money left over for after graduation this year! 

5. Completed: I secured not one but three placements but I chose the one that would fit my situation best and I'm glad I did. I got to experience so much working for this organization.

6. Completed/Failed: My to-do list has shortened quite a bit, but there are things still left on it to complete!

7. Completed/Failed: The situation with my blog is quite iffy, I have been blogging for a while and I know numbers aren't everything but it seems to show that people don't read it as much as I kind of lose purpose for blogging. I want to know if you guys do read and care about the content. But I have made major improvements like updating the layout, taking part in blogger chats, talking to other bloggers.

8. Completed/Failed: To an extent, I feel more mature and responsible. 

9. Completed: Travelling - I can definitely check this off my list! I travelled to not one but two places last year and both experiences were amazing and was needed after the crappy year it ended up being.

10. Completed: I moved back to halls at university in West London and I love it. The freedom and being on my own from my parents is everything I wanted and makes me appreciate home more because I miss it in a different way. Living on my own also gives me the chance to show how responsible I am.

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