What I got for Christmas 2017


It's that time of year again where there is a huge influx of posts like these and I love writing and reading them, they are my favourite types of posts. It's nice for people to get excited about things they got and how they celebrated this magical time of the year with their loved ones. This will be the second time I will be writing this post for the blog, (What I got for Christmas 2016), I am so very grateful and happy for the presents I received last year! Excuse me if I switch between using 'last year' and this year' as I do mean 2017!


I had also created a wish list of things I wanted for Christmas this year, things I've wanted or needed for a while but never came around to buying for myself although I did end up buying some stuff during the Black Friday sales (a post on this coming soon!). This year has been interesting in terms of the gifts I've been given and for me, it shows you who knows you best and who doesn't give two shits...carry on reading to find out more!

My good friend Vicky from my old workplace got me owl earrings. I love owls; one of the cutest animals alive! Who agrees? Her cousin actually handmade them and they are sterling silver, which is cute because she remembered I can't wear other metals as my skin is sensitive to them. She sells her jewellery on Etsy. She also gifted me a Korean Sleep Mask, I've always wanted to try Korean beauty products, it's supposed to be really hydrating which is great because I have very dry skin on my face and I can't wait to use it!

With my family and my sister-in-law's family, we decided to do secret Santa as there were a lot of us and I am a broke ass b*tch! ahah I received the Nivea travel toiletry set and a cosmetics bag with a pouch for another smaller pull-out bag. This bag is from Primark and has a great design, I've seen other patterns with a similar design just like it in stores since. It will be great to lug around toiletries and makeup in it, with the pull-out pouch holding makeup brushes. I was slightly disappointed in these gifts only because I stated I didn't want anything like it since I already have so many products and bags that I haven't used yet but I'm sure I'll find a use for them. The minimum to spend on our secret Santa gifts was £10, but I still appreciate the thought as I do like to travel and I am always on the go and they had that in mind when buying me these gifts.

My best friend and flatmate also exchanged gifts for one another and the max limit to spend was max £10 per person. My flatmate bought be the Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman book which I left at uni so I don't have a picture of it, but she also bought me a nail polish as well by Rimmel London x Rite Ora in the shade 'Darkest Desires'

From my best friend I received The Little Book of Hyggeand Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer Noir 261, it's great because it is retractable, has a smudger to create a smoky effect and a sharpener to create a high precision line.


My parents got me the ASOS beauty advent calendar earlier in October, so I never got anything from them on Christmas day but they advent calendar was way worth it, you get a handful of beauty, makeup and skincare products that are amazing and I recommend everyone 100% to get it for 2018. I've started to write up a post dedicated to the calendar and will be up shortly detailing every product and the value to see if it really is worth it...in my opinion, it is. They also do a men's grooming calendar too!

I also attended the H&M Christmas party, I left working for them in early September so I am so happy I still got to attend the Christmas Party and see all the people I used to work with! We also did something along the lines of Secret Santa, but you had to bring a gift that would cater to anybody and all dumped in a sack which ended being more like a lucky dip. Anyway, long story short I ended up with a beautiful hand painted plate but was broken in half!

From my sister, I also got a Harry Potter Hedwig vinyl figurine which was again hella cute because it's a tiny owl!

What did you get for Christmas?
A x

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