Boxing Day Sale Haul




This year I was so excited by the sales because it would be the first time in four years that I am not working while everybody else gets to shop! Not to mention that I don't even need to leave my bed while doing so, so I sat comfortably in my joggers in bed stuffing my mouth with snacks. I restrained myself by not buying too much and only bought what I thought I was lacking - certain style pieces in my wardrobe or some makeup that would benefit my overall look. Keep scrolling to have a look at what I bought! I apologise for the state of my mirror I ran out of cleaning fluid for it, that I am not wearing the appropriate bra for these clothes and that the font of the texts have gone haywire haha! What is a girl to do!?

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops
£10 per bottle and is available in light and dark drops to use with your foundation as well as having many many other uses!

ASOS - Dresses

I love the back of this dress although was a little hard to tie up by myself, the colour maybe a little too much but for a simple sundress for beach holidays it's great.  The dress is on sale for £4.50 
originally £18 and available in sizes 4-18. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

I also love the back of this dress, and really nice for a baby blue sundress to show off the tan. The only off-putting thing about this dress is that the front of the dress rides down because the straps go all the way from the front to the back of my waist thus I need to keep pulling the dress down. Available in sizes 14-18 for £6.50 originally £22. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

PrettyLittleThing Floral Tie Back Midi Dress

Honestly, one of the worst things I have ever put on my body! The fabric sticks to you even though it is a polyester blend and quite staticky, I will definitely be returning this dress. I only bought this dress because yet again I love the back of it and the overall cut, but when wearing it, it was awful the fabric was bunching around my legs and felt as though I have wings because of the excess fabric flowing from the back. I bought it for £7, originally £28 and now sold out. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

ASOS Column Dress In Rib with Cross Back

This is a really comfortable dress, I have never been in anything more comfortable in my life,  in a fine-ribbed fabric and stretchy. Normally I wouldn't go for dresses like this because it's quite figure-hugging and long, I tend to lean towards A-line shapes. I feel like Kim K.W. in this dress, it does bunch up on my upper body because I don't quite fill out this dress. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall. Was £20 got it for £6 and is still available in sizes 14 & 18.

ASOS Strappy Midi Bodycon With Seam Detail Dress

Again similar to the above, it is figure hugging and long, I do love the slit at the backs on the bottom and the mid-section. It also bunches up quite a bit and the straps feel loose which is very off-putting. I haven't refunded any of the dresses yet but for this dress, but I am thinking about it. With this dress, I'd wear a strapless bra. This nude dress was £18 now £9 available in sizes 12-18, I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

New Look

I fell in love with this midi dress as soon as I saw it on the New Look website, I love the overall cut and shape it has for me, definitely something to spice up my evening wardrobe. Originally £22.99, I bought it for £11.49 but it has now gone down to £9, and available in size 18 and there are only a few left. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

This top is actually a pyjama top and I had no idea until researching it for this post! I bought this top a few days after Boxing Day in-store sale, I bought it in size 8 for £4, originally sold for £12.99 then £6.49. Again, you may need help tying it up in the back but it's a lovely fit and didn't feel at all tight in the bust area when wearing a t-shirt bra, although I would wear a bandeau or a strapless bra with this type of top.

Left: Sparkle Check Mini Skirt. I bought the skirt in a size 12 and was originally sold for £19.99 and I got it for £8. The A-line skirt is a little loose around the waist but with tights and my top tucked in, it fits better. This skirt gives me Clueless vibes and I love it!

Right: Pow Check Skirt. I bought this skirt in a size 12 and was originally sold for £15.99, I got it for £7. I really like this A-line style skirt, however, looks more workwear which I don't mind as I'll be graduating this year and hopefully get a job soon.


The sweater has a wide neckline with long balloon-shaped sleeves and unbelievably soft. Was originally £29.99 I bought it for £19.99 in the size medium as there were no smalls otherwise I would have opted for small. Currently available in various colours and size large online (grey only).


Did you buy anything nice from the sales? 
If so, let me know in the comments below!

A x

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