2017 Round Up


2017 has a been a rollercoaster of a year, amirite?

There are so many posts I am trying to write at the moment for this season and I am struggling big time especially when my university has started back up again.

So here are my highlights of 2017, 2017 was definitely not my year but there were some good moments.


I averaged out on a 2.1 from the three years I've already been at Uni
This year was a test in so many ways which means I can overcome anything that comes my way
Uploaded YouTube videos
Changed up my blog
Got my first tooth filling
One year no claim bonus on my car
Joined the gym and started actually going consistently
Drove on the motorway for the first time and many times after that
Had my eyes properly checked out at an eye hospital scary but all healthy
Had multiple jobs at a time and now none!
This year I've realized who my true friends and family are and who isn't


I turned 21 - January

Also in January I visited The British Library for the first time, went to an 80s themed birthday party and donated 9 inches of my hair to The Princess' Trust.

I started and finished my placement - February/March

Also in Feb I went to a unicorn themed birthday party in a unicorn onesie went to sleep in it and drove back home the next day in it!

Met some amazing people this year - April

Attended my best friend's wedding - April

Got volunteers award second year in a row - May

Completed a 10k and then did another one! - June

Became an aunt...again! - July

Travelled to Mallorca and Rome - July/September

Quit the first job I ever had after four years of working there - August

Started my dissertation - September

I started dating after 3 and half-ish years of being single - October

My tolerance to wine has heightened - September to December

Went to some really cool places and events - All Year Round
The British library, Taste of London, 80s party, Fabric (after it reopened), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, cocktail making class, party at the top of the Gherkin, Harry Potter live at the Royal Albert Hall, did karaoke for the first time, luxury cinema with sofas! Played ping pong at a bar and pool for the first time, had lobster for the first time, Saacthi gallery, Jazz Club, fruit picking, Purl Bar, Ahi Poké bowls and matcha tea.

What was the highlight of your 2017? 
A x

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