2017 Round Up


2017 has a been a rollercoaster of a year, amirite?

There are so many posts I am trying to write at the moment for this season and I am struggling big time especially when my university has started back up again.

So here are my highlights of 2017, 2017 was definitely not my year but there were some good moments.


I averaged out on a 2.1 from the three years I've already been at Uni
This year was a test in so many ways which means I can overcome anything that comes my way
Uploaded YouTube videos
Changed up my blog
Got my first tooth filling
One year no claim bonus on my car
Joined the gym and started actually going consistently
Drove on the motorway for the first time and many times after that
Had my eyes properly checked out at an eye hospital scary but all healthy
Had multiple jobs at a time and now none!
This year I've realized who my true friends and family are and who isn't


I turned 21 - January

Also in January I visited The British Library for the first time, went to an 80s themed birthday party and donated 9 inches of my hair to The Princess' Trust.

I started and finished my placement - February/March

Also in Feb I went to a unicorn themed birthday party in a unicorn onesie went to sleep in it and drove back home the next day in it!

Met some amazing people this year - April

Attended my best friend's wedding - April

Got volunteers award second year in a row - May

Completed a 10k and then did another one! - June

Became an aunt...again! - July

Travelled to Mallorca and Rome - July/September

Quit the first job I ever had after four years of working there - August

Started my dissertation - September

I started dating after 3 and half-ish years of being single - October

My tolerance to wine has heightened - September to December

Went to some really cool places and events - All Year Round
The British library, Taste of London, 80s party, Fabric (after it reopened), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, cocktail making class, party at the top of the Gherkin, Harry Potter live at the Royal Albert Hall, did karaoke for the first time, luxury cinema with sofas! Played ping pong at a bar and pool for the first time, had lobster for the first time, Saacthi gallery, Jazz Club, fruit picking, Purl Bar, Ahi Poké bowls and matcha tea.

What was the highlight of your 2017? 
A x

Humanitarianism and Philanthropy

Birthday Wish List 2018


A list filled with wants and desires nothing necessary at all! 
Some more expensive than others but dreams nonetheless. 
A x

Top Posts from 2017 & Best 9


Below are actually the top posts of all time, but they were published in 2017. I decided to exclude the ones I posted in previous years. I haven't been great with the blog this year and it reflects on how I really felt with the year, it wasn't the best year I've had and took it out on the blog by neglecting it for a very long time. 

But I do have to say I have put more effort into the content and the quality something I noticed when looking back on everything I have done with the blog. 2016 came with a rebranding of the blog, new Twitter and Instagram as well as they layout changed immensely and was also averaging at one post a week. But I have higher hopes for 2018 and hope it brings amazing things to the blog.


Max Factor Lipinfinity Lipcolour 24hr Review

Bounce Ping Pong Farringdon Review

Week 1 At Changing Faces

What's in my Bag? - Internship Edition

Weekly Spending Tracker - Printable

Christmas Wish List 2017


Below are the best 9 posts on Instagram, however, they don't represent the best moments of 2017. Remember you can follow me on Insta @ BoldInOrigin I always try to follow back too!

How 2017 was for you!

A x 

Boxing Day Sale Haul




This year I was so excited by the sales because it would be the first time in four years that I am not working while everybody else gets to shop! Not to mention that I don't even need to leave my bed while doing so, so I sat comfortably in my joggers in bed stuffing my mouth with snacks. I restrained myself by not buying too much and only bought what I thought I was lacking - certain style pieces in my wardrobe or some makeup that would benefit my overall look. Keep scrolling to have a look at what I bought! I apologise for the state of my mirror I ran out of cleaning fluid for it, that I am not wearing the appropriate bra for these clothes and that the font of the texts have gone haywire haha! What is a girl to do!?

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops
£10 per bottle and is available in light and dark drops to use with your foundation as well as having many many other uses!

ASOS - Dresses

I love the back of this dress although was a little hard to tie up by myself, the colour maybe a little too much but for a simple sundress for beach holidays it's great.  The dress is on sale for £4.50 
originally £18 and available in sizes 4-18. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

I also love the back of this dress, and really nice for a baby blue sundress to show off the tan. The only off-putting thing about this dress is that the front of the dress rides down because the straps go all the way from the front to the back of my waist thus I need to keep pulling the dress down. Available in sizes 14-18 for £6.50 originally £22. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

PrettyLittleThing Floral Tie Back Midi Dress

Honestly, one of the worst things I have ever put on my body! The fabric sticks to you even though it is a polyester blend and quite staticky, I will definitely be returning this dress. I only bought this dress because yet again I love the back of it and the overall cut, but when wearing it, it was awful the fabric was bunching around my legs and felt as though I have wings because of the excess fabric flowing from the back. I bought it for £7, originally £28 and now sold out. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

ASOS Column Dress In Rib with Cross Back

This is a really comfortable dress, I have never been in anything more comfortable in my life,  in a fine-ribbed fabric and stretchy. Normally I wouldn't go for dresses like this because it's quite figure-hugging and long, I tend to lean towards A-line shapes. I feel like Kim K.W. in this dress, it does bunch up on my upper body because I don't quite fill out this dress. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall. Was £20 got it for £6 and is still available in sizes 14 & 18.

ASOS Strappy Midi Bodycon With Seam Detail Dress

Again similar to the above, it is figure hugging and long, I do love the slit at the backs on the bottom and the mid-section. It also bunches up quite a bit and the straps feel loose which is very off-putting. I haven't refunded any of the dresses yet but for this dress, but I am thinking about it. With this dress, I'd wear a strapless bra. This nude dress was £18 now £9 available in sizes 12-18, I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

New Look

I fell in love with this midi dress as soon as I saw it on the New Look website, I love the overall cut and shape it has for me, definitely something to spice up my evening wardrobe. Originally £22.99, I bought it for £11.49 but it has now gone down to £9, and available in size 18 and there are only a few left. I bought this in a size 12 and I am 170cm/5ft 7.5inch tall.

This top is actually a pyjama top and I had no idea until researching it for this post! I bought this top a few days after Boxing Day in-store sale, I bought it in size 8 for £4, originally sold for £12.99 then £6.49. Again, you may need help tying it up in the back but it's a lovely fit and didn't feel at all tight in the bust area when wearing a t-shirt bra, although I would wear a bandeau or a strapless bra with this type of top.

Left: Sparkle Check Mini Skirt. I bought the skirt in a size 12 and was originally sold for £19.99 and I got it for £8. The A-line skirt is a little loose around the waist but with tights and my top tucked in, it fits better. This skirt gives me Clueless vibes and I love it!

Right: Pow Check Skirt. I bought this skirt in a size 12 and was originally sold for £15.99, I got it for £7. I really like this A-line style skirt, however, looks more workwear which I don't mind as I'll be graduating this year and hopefully get a job soon.


The sweater has a wide neckline with long balloon-shaped sleeves and unbelievably soft. Was originally £29.99 I bought it for £19.99 in the size medium as there were no smalls otherwise I would have opted for small. Currently available in various colours and size large online (grey only).


Did you buy anything nice from the sales? 
If so, let me know in the comments below!

A x

2018 Goals


Hope all of you have enjoyed your Christmas and New Years, I am back with another post and I am starting the year off on a high! I am so over New Year resolutions and the whole "New Year, New Me", I like the way I am but there is always room for a little improvement. I do not want to completely change who I am or try to be someone I am not. If you can't love yourself, how can you expect others to? These goals aren't for anybody but me, I realise I have many goals but whether I achieve them or not is not a big deal at least I tried and that's all that counts.

Save more, spend less
This was a much easier goal when I had a job and I did really well in the past couple of years where I also had to make large purchases such as flights to the  US, Canada, buying a MAC laptop as well as running my own car (insurance, tax and MOT etc etc.) but I am hoping to at least save majority of my student loan for a rainy day. I also tend to spend money on stuff that I don't necessarily need the majority of it on clothes and going out, I'll be keeping a note of all my expenses and track where my money goes to most and cut back.

Graduate with a 2.1 (at least)
I am aiming for a first but depending on how my last year goes I am okay with settling with a 2.1 and it's not a bad grade either. I've been at university for 3 years now including a placement year and it has been a long 3 years, to be honest, I'm kind of over the whole studying thing really and just want to graduate and be free of coursework!

Travel around Europe
Ever since my friend went interrailing, I've always wanted to do it myself and hopefully will after graduating this summer and I don't think I would ever get this amount of time again to do this much travelling. I've also saved quite a bit to do this from working so much last summer so hopefully this goal happens. If not, I'll settle for at least visiting two or three countries this year - Ireland, Scotland and some part of Scandinavia!

Become Fit
This will always be a goal for me, fitness and especially my health is very important to me and it's vital that I keep exercising, with the luck of losing some weight, body fat and toning up. It's not important to me whether to be skinny or not but to make sure I'm healthy, and don't get out of breath every time I climb a staircase! I'll also state that I need to eat less, I am quite a glutton and snack way to much on junk that is not good for the body or soul, I have already started to cut down my portions and have noticed quite a difference with losing 3kg over two weeks yay!

The Blog
In 2017, I made some changes to the blog including removing the labels section and including a scrolling Instagram widget and uploading varied and better quality posts. Also started creating my own printables free for you all to download! But 2018 will bring better and more content and hopefully more content to YouTube. I also need to better myself when interacting with the community, last year I tried my hand at joining twitter chats and they were great, I met so many of you and hopefully, that continues. I have set out a list of blogging goals I want to achieve this year, a separate post will be coming soon.

Read more
Read more for pleasure, the last proper thing I read was a chapter of different types of feminism and now I despise the topic entirely! From my last posts on new year goals, I stated that I would read all finish all the books I had started to read and never finished, that unfortunately didn't happen but after I graduate I hope to read a lot more. In 2017, I read a lot more on Wattpad and listening to audiobooks on Audible which I would 100% recommend as you find books narrated by the author themselves which makes the experience so much better and you immerse yourself in the story more.

Be happier
It's safe to say that 2017 was not my year, it started out okay then turned to shit in a matter of minutes and I barely held it together, but like then I know I can overcome anything that comes my way. I have the strength to continue and be what I want to be and do anything I can put my mind to. And so can you! My goal is to not let my emotions get the better of me, let go of things that are not important and enjoy the moment. That also being said, I need to stress out less and not let it get the better of me either as it can also trigger my anxiety and the two together is not great.

Stop procrastinating
Oh boy, this is a big one, I've already let this get the better of me ahah, but with only 5 months of university to go it's not that long when you think about it and I need to give it my all for my last year to get the best grade I can and enjoy whatever is left of the experience because hell I am not doing another degree after this! I'll also combine this with trying to watch less Netflix and YouTube and spending less time on social media which takes up most of my procrastinating time, it's like I'm bewitched or something!

Make my parents proud
My parents are my world, and nothing would kill me more than disappointing them, to an extent I've done things to disappoint them like not choosing a substantial degree that would make me lots of money or not be apart of my culture more etc. (there are reasons for this)! But I want to do everything I can to make their sacrifices worthwhile! I'm not a bad person, I've stayed in education getting my degree on a 2.1, I don't drink regularly and I do not do drugs (I don't even like taking paracetamol!). My parents are from Kenya and India and moved here not knowing much English and worked their whole lives so they could give me and my siblings the best life we could have and one day I hope to take care of them in their old age!

Ask for help more
I actually don't ask for a lot, I don't take money from my parents since I got a job when I was 17, I don't get driven around everywhere and there's nothing wrong with that but I am quite an independent self-sufficient person. But once in a while, I should ask for help etc whether it be asking someone to look over my uni work or ask or a back massage when I'm tired instead of struggling and powering through on my own. Help is there you just need to raise your voice and ask for it.

What are your goals for 2018? 
A x

What I got for Christmas 2017


It's that time of year again where there is a huge influx of posts like these and I love writing and reading them, they are my favourite types of posts. It's nice for people to get excited about things they got and how they celebrated this magical time of the year with their loved ones. This will be the second time I will be writing this post for the blog, (What I got for Christmas 2016), I am so very grateful and happy for the presents I received last year! Excuse me if I switch between using 'last year' and this year' as I do mean 2017!


I had also created a wish list of things I wanted for Christmas this year, things I've wanted or needed for a while but never came around to buying for myself although I did end up buying some stuff during the Black Friday sales (a post on this coming soon!). This year has been interesting in terms of the gifts I've been given and for me, it shows you who knows you best and who doesn't give two shits...carry on reading to find out more!

My good friend Vicky from my old workplace got me owl earrings. I love owls; one of the cutest animals alive! Who agrees? Her cousin actually handmade them and they are sterling silver, which is cute because she remembered I can't wear other metals as my skin is sensitive to them. She sells her jewellery on Etsy. She also gifted me a Korean Sleep Mask, I've always wanted to try Korean beauty products, it's supposed to be really hydrating which is great because I have very dry skin on my face and I can't wait to use it!

With my family and my sister-in-law's family, we decided to do secret Santa as there were a lot of us and I am a broke ass b*tch! ahah I received the Nivea travel toiletry set and a cosmetics bag with a pouch for another smaller pull-out bag. This bag is from Primark and has a great design, I've seen other patterns with a similar design just like it in stores since. It will be great to lug around toiletries and makeup in it, with the pull-out pouch holding makeup brushes. I was slightly disappointed in these gifts only because I stated I didn't want anything like it since I already have so many products and bags that I haven't used yet but I'm sure I'll find a use for them. The minimum to spend on our secret Santa gifts was £10, but I still appreciate the thought as I do like to travel and I am always on the go and they had that in mind when buying me these gifts.

My best friend and flatmate also exchanged gifts for one another and the max limit to spend was max £10 per person. My flatmate bought be the Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman book which I left at uni so I don't have a picture of it, but she also bought me a nail polish as well by Rimmel London x Rite Ora in the shade 'Darkest Desires'

From my best friend I received The Little Book of Hyggeand Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer Noir 261, it's great because it is retractable, has a smudger to create a smoky effect and a sharpener to create a high precision line.


My parents got me the ASOS beauty advent calendar earlier in October, so I never got anything from them on Christmas day but they advent calendar was way worth it, you get a handful of beauty, makeup and skincare products that are amazing and I recommend everyone 100% to get it for 2018. I've started to write up a post dedicated to the calendar and will be up shortly detailing every product and the value to see if it really is worth it...in my opinion, it is. They also do a men's grooming calendar too!

I also attended the H&M Christmas party, I left working for them in early September so I am so happy I still got to attend the Christmas Party and see all the people I used to work with! We also did something along the lines of Secret Santa, but you had to bring a gift that would cater to anybody and all dumped in a sack which ended being more like a lucky dip. Anyway, long story short I ended up with a beautiful hand painted plate but was broken in half!

From my sister, I also got a Harry Potter Hedwig vinyl figurine which was again hella cute because it's a tiny owl!

What did you get for Christmas?
A x

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