The 10 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Women


All the photos show the costumes I have dressed up as across my lifetime, I've always loved dressing up and pretending to be someone I wasn't. 

For me dressing up is something fun to do - from researching ideas to producing a whole made-up character at the end.

And dressing up for Halloween isn't something you can do every day, it is once a time every year to have fun and let loose!

Some of the costumes/themes I have worn over the years:

Jigsaw from Saw
Tomb Raider
Harley Quinn
The 1980s
The 1920s - Great Gatsby
Fallen Angel

I'm keen to spend as little money as possible on outfits even though I dress up only once a year like this on Halloween.

I'll always try and find something I can use from home and makeshift something whether it is clothes or makeup I can use creatively and will buy something to aid my costume like coloured contacts or temporary hair dye.

I always look through sales in shops and use eBay and Amazon when I can, to find missing pieces to complete my costume.

Other costumes I would love to try:

Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction
Roman or Greek person

Mallorca 2017 I Video


Please enjoy my little video of my holiday to Mallorca, it was a very special holiday with my girls and I 100% recommend everyone to visit for a chill beach holiday! If you haven't subscribed to my channel, please do so as I try to add content as much as I can. You can also find me on socials at @boldinorigin or the links on the sidebar.



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When is it Time to Toss your Blender?


WARNING: Post includes pictures of filthy BeautyBlenders!

BeautyBlender was the best blending sponge I have ever used but even good things must come to an end (it was painful to throw it away!). Here are the signs that you need to notice so you can toss your beauty sponge in the bin.

1. Tears and Nicks

If you have tears and nicks in the sponge this can introduce new bacteria to breed in your sponge, furthermore, it doesn't help with the finish of your make up application. Also look out for signs if the sponge has changed shape.  

2. Discolouration

When stubborn stains do not come out (hence the image below) after cleansing. The images of my BeautyBlender was post-microwave sterilisation where you can see stains that look mouldy and discoloured. 

3. Deterioration of the Foam

If the sponge doesn't hold water as well as it used to, it isn't as bouncy or soft anymore. Also, that your makeup application is not as airbrushed as it used to be or doesn't apply as well as it used to. 

4. Spots for "No Reason"

When you start to notice acne and spot breakouts when your skin is normally clear due to bacteria build up in the blender. 

5. Expiration Date

If you have had it for more than three months.

I had my blender for about two years which I know isn't the best, sue me. BeautyBlender recommends replacing your blender every three months although (no offence) with the price tag of £17 per blender, my bank account will always be crying. Currently, I'm using the RT Complexion Sponge which is better for the bank. 

If you have any more signs of when to toss your blender out that I haven't mentioned comment below!  @boldinorigin



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2017 Goals Review


1. Completed: I completed goal one for the year - working on my health and fitness. I made sure I made doc appointments etc. went to the gym and lost a bit of weight, started eating smaller portions of healthier foods. Felt healthier and fitter to and that's one of the best feelings in the world!

2. Failed: I didn't complete my second goal of finishing books I've started and never finished and they remain unfinished.

3. Completed: From my working out and using all the knowledge of math I have, I've worked out to get an average of a 2.1 this past academic year which I think is great. 

4. Completed: I saved up a lot of money from working multiple jobs and being quite strict with spending at times and I managed to save some money to go on holiday twice and some spare money left over for after graduation this year! 

5. Completed: I secured not one but three placements but I chose the one that would fit my situation best and I'm glad I did. I got to experience so much working for this organization.

6. Completed/Failed: My to-do list has shortened quite a bit, but there are things still left on it to complete!

7. Completed/Failed: The situation with my blog is quite iffy, I have been blogging for a while and I know numbers aren't everything but it seems to show that people don't read it as much as I kind of lose purpose for blogging. I want to know if you guys do read and care about the content. But I have made major improvements like updating the layout, taking part in blogger chats, talking to other bloggers.

8. Completed/Failed: To an extent, I feel more mature and responsible. 

9. Completed: Travelling - I can definitely check this off my list! I travelled to not one but two places last year and both experiences were amazing and was needed after the crappy year it ended up being.

10. Completed: I moved back to halls at university in West London and I love it. The freedom and being on my own from my parents is everything I wanted and makes me appreciate home more because I miss it in a different way. Living on my own also gives me the chance to show how responsible I am.

Here are my goals posts from last year and this year, take a look:

2017 Goals -> here
2018 Goals -> here

Valentine's Gift Guide for Him and Her


What I Got For My Birthday 2018!


My birthday was last week and I turned 22, wooo! And I made it without making a Taylor Swift reference. I was very spoilt by everyone, so I wanted to show you some of the things I got which I'm very excited about. I love all my gifts, I'm a lucky girl. It always leaves my family and friends wondering what to get me when Christmas and my birthday is a month apart. I'll be writing a separate post on what I got up to on my birthday. 


Being back at university with my mate's means nights in and watching girly films. One of my all-time favourite chick flicks is Bridget Jones, I'm so glad I have this on DVD because it's not on Netflix (how annoying) but it came with a digital download so I can watch anywhere anytime. I also got this silver diamonte ring because I recently lost one of my other favourite rings so I got this to replace it and I love it. Although sadly, because of the make of the ring, three diamantes have already fallen out so I'm thinking of getting a chain and wearing it around my neck or keeping it as a trinket instead.

Smells amazing and fills the whole room of this fruity floral scent. Really reminds me of a sunset and I have no idea how, but you really can get a sunset in a jar! I love candles they make a room instantly more cosy and I use them up so much even though at university you're not actually allowed to have them as a fire safety rule! #rebel

Getting this was a complete surprise as I didn't even hint on wanting this, but my great friends that they are could probably see that I didn't have a proper eyeshadow palette that had the necessary colours I needed, I have way too many shimmers and colours that can only be used for dress up! A good makeup palette is never going to go unappreciated by me! They also gave me this unbelievably soft Morphe Y15 brush, my sister was very confused why I have so many brushes already but I don't care you can never have too many brushes!


This was something I wanted recently as I broke one of my perfume bottles and so wanted something I could use to travel around with and use with any perfume. My sister and her husband got me this Penhaligon's travel perfume atomizer and it is honestly one of the best things I own, it's so good as you can pump any fragrance into it, even mix it up by using two or three! Came in a lovely box and was wrapped in their signature perfumed wrapping paper which smelt amazing. Definitely recommend purchasing one of these, you can find cheaper versions on Amazon. It's great to just have to throw in your bag and have on the go.


My brother and his wife got me this personalized scrabble frame which is one of the coolest things ever, I love personalized gifts and they are the best at giving them. In the past I have gotten key rings and mugs with my name on it - ace! It features me and their two adorable children and now has a permanent place in my heart and on my dresser.

I met up with my best friend at Heathrow airport just before she was to depart for her flight, she had a 4-5 hour wait and Heathrow is only a short bus ride away for me and she gave me a lovely card and some delicious locally made chocolate. She knows just how to get me with my sweet tooth, it's a great snack when studying.


My best friend from my former work place bought me a set of lovely earrings which has a Nordic/Greek-esque feel to it which I love and she also got me a jewellery organizer to put on top of my dresser as I have quite a bit of jewellery and having this organizer will remind me to wear it. She also remembered to get it in sterling silver as I have a weird reaction to other metals - what a great friend!

Along with all these goodies, I got some Gujarati snacks and some moolah - which are always a great pressie!
Another year older, and (hopefully) another year wiser! 
Until next time...
A x

2017 Round Up


2017 has a been a rollercoaster of a year, amirite?

There are so many posts I am trying to write at the moment for this season and I am struggling big time especially when my university has started back up again.

So here are my highlights of 2017, 2017 was definitely not my year but there were some good moments.


I averaged out on a 2.1 from the three years I've already been at Uni
This year was a test in so many ways which means I can overcome anything that comes my way
Uploaded YouTube videos
Changed up my blog
Got my first tooth filling
One year no claim bonus on my car
Joined the gym and started actually going consistently
Drove on the motorway for the first time and many times after that
Had my eyes properly checked out at an eye hospital scary but all healthy
Had multiple jobs at a time and now none!
This year I've realized who my true friends and family are and who isn't


I turned 21 - January

Also in January I visited The British Library for the first time, went to an 80s themed birthday party and donated 9 inches of my hair to The Princess' Trust.

I started and finished my placement - February/March

Also in Feb I went to a unicorn themed birthday party in a unicorn onesie went to sleep in it and drove back home the next day in it!

Met some amazing people this year - April

Attended my best friend's wedding - April

Got volunteers award second year in a row - May

Completed a 10k and then did another one! - June

Became an aunt...again! - July

Travelled to Mallorca and Rome - July/September

Quit the first job I ever had after four years of working there - August

Started my dissertation - September

I started dating after 3 and half-ish years of being single - October

My tolerance to wine has heightened - September to December

Went to some really cool places and events - All Year Round
The British library, Taste of London, 80s party, Fabric (after it reopened), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, cocktail making class, party at the top of the Gherkin, Harry Potter live at the Royal Albert Hall, did karaoke for the first time, luxury cinema with sofas! Played ping pong at a bar and pool for the first time, had lobster for the first time, Saacthi gallery, Jazz Club, fruit picking, Purl Bar, Ahi Pok√© bowls and matcha tea.

What was the highlight of your 2017? 
A x