I've recently joined the site Campus Society which is a brilliant way to connect with like-minded students across the globe. You can interact with other users all over the world. 

The blogging programme just involves creating blog posts regularly on topics that interest you and that you feel will be relevant to the student user base they have on the platform. You have complete freedom in how you choose to express yourself. 

You can post directly onto the platform or you can also share the content you already have on your blog. They provide great exposure by putting you in direct contact with an engaged, friendly, and community-driven audience, as well as through the sharing of quality content on all of their external social media pages, and through direct 'Push' notifications on-site. 

#NotAd - I just know someone who works there and they got me on to join!

Following on from the footsteps of Sophia from My Little Box of Beauty, I'm going to do the #10ThingsAboutMe tag for the #NetworkNewbie comp for this week so below are some facts about me. My original list was 30 things, so I'll probably wait a while before I do this post again and again...!

1. I started blogging in 2011 (it's been a wild 6 years!)

2. My brother named me

3. I'm a girl who likes to play video games (mostly open world games)

4. My mother was born in India and my dad was born in Kenya, but I'm British born

5. I'm that girl that takes photos of everything (including posting food pics on Insta!) - I have multiple external hard drives to prove it!

6. I am obsessed with stationery, makeup and clothes!

7. I spend way too much on the above...

8. I speak two languages fluently - English and Gujarati and know Spanish at elementary proficiency. I also know the bad words in Swahili!

9. I've been stung by a jellyfish THREE times (it was a baby one, so not lethal)

10. I sincerely think I am the luckiest person alive because of the family and friends I have

Comment down below 10 Things about you and I'll check out your posts. And as always remember to follow me on my socials (links on the right) @BOLDINORIGIN

A x

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