Weekly Spending Tracker // Free Printable


This printable is a great way to stay organised without breaking the bank. I love making printables and using them myself so why not share it with you guys.

This list is to be used to keep track of your spending habits for the week, I've also made a monthly one which I'll post later in the week. It will help to show where your money goes to most and how to cut back and save a little each week/month.

I also keep track over all my incomes and expenses once a week, normally on a Monday. Looking after money especially as a student is very important, I am financially independent - I don't take money from my parents and I rely on other sources of income.

You can download the printable here: Weekly Budget

Advice: One of the easiest ways I save money is by putting all my change that I have a jar which I don't touch and its a great way to collect them pennies - I used to do this just to have money for the car park or the laundry machine at university but it soon came to be a money heave!

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Revision Checklist - Free Study Printable


I think the easiest stuff to post on the blog right now is printables mainly because I make them for myself anyway and it's great to share them with you so that you benefit from them too! And secondly, it saves time as I am in my last year and the hardest year at university and I'm not going to lie it's not easy juggling everything.

The checklist is split into 12 rows for a 12-week term, and four columns - one for a topic title, and the next three for checking off that you have checked your work for after class/week/month.

You access the PDF to download for free here: Revision Checklist

After class - you should look over the notes you made in class that day, make sure all your notes are there, your reading and seminar notes as well. Everything is formatted and easy to read for when you overview it later.

After one week - you should look over your notes and start to break down the information into smaller chunks as this will help for revising for later. Abbreviate and use shorthand.

After one month - you should now know your assessments and use the notes you made beforehand to help with this. Also, start adding in extra and secondary readings and extra research around the topics. This should also be able to fit onto a page or two. Short and sweet which will be easier to remember.


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Term Overview - Free Study Printable


Hello all,

I am back with another random post, I'm sorry I don't post as often as I would like or am 'supposed' to, but I don't have much motivation to post as of late. But I thought as term has just started a couple weeks ago, I thought I would share with you some study printables I created for myself  and that you may benefit from them too.

The term overview is split into three columns to list your modules or classes for the term then, split into 12 week rows. You can fill it out however you like, I've used to to list all my primary readings I need to do for this term. I am only currently doing three modules this term excluding my dissertation.

You can download the printable here for free: Term Overview

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