My Trip to Mallorca 2017


Hey guys,

Here is a little summary of my trip to Alcudia in Mallorca which is one of Spain's Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, it's quite brief mentioning highlights from my trip and how much everything cost. I always try to holiday on a relatively small budget. I am also going to attempt to do a vlog on my YouTube channel so you can get more of an idea of what it is really like there. Make sure you check out my Instagram to keep up with the latest photos I took of my trip and as always keep up to date by following me on Twitter for any updates on the blog! - @BoldInOrigin.

Moon gazing - note my wild free mane

Sunset on our second day in Alcudia, the view from the pier
Alcudia beach - high tides and good vibes!

View from Fedra 1 Apartment complex - great view, terrible apartment

Bellvue Club Hotel and Resort - Minerva 1 Complex

Cheap cocktails at a nearby hotel and bar - 4.50 euros each! They also had entertainment going on.

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Employability Day 2017 with Brenda Finn

As you know I am currently on a placement with the charity called Changing Faces, we have created a video for Employability Day, the second ever of its kind.

Employability Day is a day for the whole employment support sector encourages all types of organisations to open its doors to people for workshops etc.

I thought I would do my bit by helping by interviewing Brenda Finn, one of Changing Faces Media Champions about her career as a child's entertainer.

Thanks to the great teamwork with Phyll and Brenda by producing an amazing video. I hope this helps those of you who may have a visible difference and are worried about being discriminated in the workplace. Never let discrimination keep you from doing something you love and know your rights. Discrimination = hate crime (illegal).

Follow Brenda @brendafinn_
Follow Changing Faces @changingfacesuk

*This video is by no means sponsored, endorsed etc. I am just proud of taking part in something creative for a great cause.

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I am also posting a collection of career posts later today that can hopefully help in your quest for employability! (We filmed this before I left for the airport that's why I look all fancy and frazzled!)