Bounce Ping Pong Farringdon I Review


I went to celebrate my friends 22nd birthday at Bounce Ping-Pong Farringdon with a group of my other friends, I have been here once before for a drink at the bar but never to eat and oh boy was the pizza delicious! We met at 7.30pm and I came home at 1am the next morning and let me tell you how that happened! Keep reading if you want to know!

Bounce is the largest 'social ping-pong club' in Europe. The flagship venue in Farringdon is verifiably located on the very same site on which the game of 'Ping Pong' was first created and patented in 1901 by Jaques of London. Farringdon venue is now known as 'The Home of Ping-Pong'.

We took some time to catch up with each other, most of my friends aren't on placement so they will be graduating this year whereas I will be next year. We laughed we cried we hugged and chatted away, then came time to order some drinks, I was intending to drink that night which never happened. 

I ordered the Sex on the Beach which ended up going to my friend that doesn't drink at all and I got her drink. Mess up #1 - they fixed their mistake by giving me a new sex on the beach which I gave to my other friend Eve since I was still drinking the juice (that I wasn't supposed to get) and they didn't charge me for the juice.

We all had pizzas, I got the Goat's Cheese and Caramelised Onions (image above) it was so good similar to the one Pizza Express does, however, a little more expensive as it was £14. They charged me for the Sex on the Beach which was around £8-9. So the friend that got my alcoholic drink they also messed up her pizza order, Mess Up #2 - they basically didn't put the order through, she got her pizza in the end and even finished before me! We all chatted away and enjoyed our pizzas.

Finally, we booked two tables to play ping pong you pay after your session has finished, we played for one-hour swapping players it got serious on a level where all our balls were flying around the place, I hit a man and a lady enjoying their dinner! Sorrrrry!

The birthday girl planned the whole thing and got £10 gift card to go towards a game of ping-pong due to all the incidents that happened over the food and drink, as this prolonged our night considerably as well. As I live outside of London it took me a lot longer to get home in comparison to some of my friends and therefore came home at 1 in the morning, I don't think my mother was impressed!

I would recommend Bounce, however, beware that if you're in a big group service is going to be a little sloppy but you will thoroughly enjoy your food and your game of ping pong.


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