Max Factor Lipfinity Lipcolour 24hr I Review


Do these liquid lipsticks work? 

These were the first liquid lipsticks I bought from Max Factor Lipfinity Lipcolour 24 HR in shades Spicy, Spiritual and Iced. I was searching nearly everywhere to get some great liquid lipsticks that I didn't have to import from the US and didn't break the bank, I was aiming to go for some browny pink nudes.


Each set is £10.99. I bought mine from Boots a drugstore in the UK, they have an offer on at the moment - 3 for 2 and the cheapest item free and I also got £5 off voucher from Love2Shop so in total it came up to £16.98. And if you have a Boots loyalty card you can also collect points from this too! With over 20 shades to pick from you cannot go wrong for these prices.

You can definitely feel the product on your lips, to remove the colour you'll need to use an oil base remover to thoroughly remove it or it will start to transfer and stain objects. The formula is quite drying and doesn't really help my peeling lips.

Iced 160 


The liquid lipstick also comes with a moisturizer balm that you put on after the lip colour so that your lips are still soft and hydrated. It says on the packaging to reapply as necessary to keep the lips looking good.

Pictures on the left are the before and pictures on the right are the after with the exception of the last one below because I forgot to do an after! I didn't apply the moisture balm throughout the day nor reapplying the lipstick, therefore, causing the lip colour to fade.

Spiritual 180

The liquid lipsticks are good in my opinion but you need to keep re-applying it, as the more you eat, drink and touch your lips the faster it will fade and it does transfer into cups etc, even my toothbrush has stains, so beware!

You can't apply normal lip balm before or after application because it will cause it to rebel and become crumbly, you can only use the balm they give within the packet. Also, I wish it included a lip pencil because the colour doesn't keep within the lip line on its own.

Spicy 070


I have the Kat Von D Lolita II and that is the most perfect gorgeous liquid lipstick I have ever beheld and think it's worth investing in compared to the Max Factor. Ofc, considering price range and quality, you get what you paid for!

Opinion: They are good for the price as long as you follow the instructions to keep up the quality of the product. But, I don't think I would ever buy them again.

* BeFunky photo editing website used for swatches lip colour font. All images are my own. This is not a sponsored post and as always all opinions are my own.

Bounce Ping Pong Farringdon I Review


I went to celebrate my friends 22nd birthday at Bounce Ping-Pong Farringdon with a group of my other friends, I have been here once before for a drink at the bar but never to eat and oh boy was the pizza delicious! We met at 7.30pm and I came home at 1am the next morning and let me tell you how that happened! Keep reading if you want to know!

Bounce is the largest 'social ping-pong club' in Europe. The flagship venue in Farringdon is verifiably located on the very same site on which the game of 'Ping Pong' was first created and patented in 1901 by Jaques of London. Farringdon venue is now known as 'The Home of Ping-Pong'.

We took some time to catch up with each other, most of my friends aren't on placement so they will be graduating this year whereas I will be next year. We laughed we cried we hugged and chatted away, then came time to order some drinks, I was intending to drink that night which never happened. 

I ordered the Sex on the Beach which ended up going to my friend that doesn't drink at all and I got her drink. Mess up #1 - they fixed their mistake by giving me a new sex on the beach which I gave to my other friend Eve since I was still drinking the juice (that I wasn't supposed to get) and they didn't charge me for the juice.

We all had pizzas, I got the Goat's Cheese and Caramelised Onions (image above) it was so good similar to the one Pizza Express does, however, a little more expensive as it was £14. They charged me for the Sex on the Beach which was around £8-9. So the friend that got my alcoholic drink they also messed up her pizza order, Mess Up #2 - they basically didn't put the order through, she got her pizza in the end and even finished before me! We all chatted away and enjoyed our pizzas.

Finally, we booked two tables to play ping pong you pay after your session has finished, we played for one-hour swapping players it got serious on a level where all our balls were flying around the place, I hit a man and a lady enjoying their dinner! Sorrrrry!

The birthday girl planned the whole thing and got £10 gift card to go towards a game of ping-pong due to all the incidents that happened over the food and drink, as this prolonged our night considerably as well. As I live outside of London it took me a lot longer to get home in comparison to some of my friends and therefore came home at 1 in the morning, I don't think my mother was impressed!

I would recommend Bounce, however, beware that if you're in a big group service is going to be a little sloppy but you will thoroughly enjoy your food and your game of ping pong.


Amsterdam in 5 Days!


Is it possible to explore Amsterdam in 5 days? YES!!

Five days is more than enough time to explore the main attractions and get a feel for this city. It may seem large at first, but it can all be managed even within a couple of days.  This place offers so much to those city folk as well as small town dwellers.

Let's move on to the itinerary, shall we?

Welkom in Amsterdam.  

I booked my Amsterdam trip about a month before I went, I was going with my sister and it cost me £162.91 for myself when booking through with Expedia, we flew with British Airways there and back.

We left home about 4am and got to the airport for our 6.45am take off, we made our way through check-in and airport security and got on the plane which was surprisingly empty! So we got a row each, the flight time was only an hour and 20 minutes from London Heathrow to Airport Schiphol, but we enjoyed every minute of it separately!

We like to take the earlier flights that way we can spend more of the day in the country we travel to and flights are cheaper as well.

We were staying at the hotel Citizen M and I have got to say, it is the coolest hotel I have ever seen!
More on that later, but for now we've reached Amsterdam's airport and take a train to Amsterdam Zuid Station which is the closest to our hotel. My sister was here on business so the hotel was closer to her temp. office, but still close to central by tram. You can, of course, take a taxi from the airport, but why waste the money when you can spend it on... oh I don't!

We checked into our hotel and now was the time to explore!


We spent much of the morning hanging out in our hotel room because it was so goddamn amazing! Today was a Sunday and the only full day my sister had free so first thing after hanging out in the hotel was hire bikes from Black Bikes and rode around the city, we visited Vondelpark and rode straight through a marathon. There are a ton of other bike rental shops in Amsterdam, but we got a good deal because our hotel was promoting them. Fun Fact: Did you know there are more bikes in Amsterdam than people?!

I even ended up losing my sister at some point because we stopped to check where we were and have a drink of water, it was a nice sunny day out and then at some point I guess she just rode off and she probably thought I followed her which I didn't! So I just rode around on my own, thank god I had a map app of Amsterdam on my phone, got back to the bike rental place to give the bike back then went back to the hotel. If you get lost get back to your hotel asap and make a call to your lost ones to check if they are okay.

Best App - Amsterdam Travel Guide and Offline City Map by Ulmon GmbH available on Andriod and Apple Store *not sponsored*


I spent the rest of the week on my own doing some sightseeing in this laid back city, so the second day I spent my time at one of the best museums in Amsterdam called the Rjiksmuseum. It is definitely one of the larger museums in this city and has more than 2000 paintings including works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, you can easily spend hours getting lost in this beautiful building, I know I did!

If you can make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time or online while you're there as lines can be very long some days and use your student discount if you have one.

Before entering the museum, many tourists rush towards the 'I AMsterdam' sign in front of the museum, it is a sought after photo opportunity for many and a city icon in itself. But make sure that you get there early in the day or even in the evening when it's quite so that you can get yourself a picture of climbing and be sitting on top of the 2-metre tall sign!

I then travelled to the popular floating flower market or Bloemenmarkt as known in Dutch, it is the world's only floating flower market and can be found between Muntplein and Koningsplein. You're actually not allowed to take pictures of the flower market itself, not a lot of the shopkeepers like tourists taking photos, but I managed to sneak a few in! You can see the famous flower the Netherlands are known for - Tulips as well as other colourful fragrant flowers.


Day four was spent checking out a bunch of random places mostly, I was still doing research of where to visit while on this trip because Amsterdam is quite a small city but packed full of things to do. I first made my way to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam which was first built as Amsterdam's city hall back in the 17th Century. Small but rich in history this Palace offers a lot of photo opportunities for your social media!

One of the many modern attractions in Amsterdam is the TFIOS bench that was made famous in the film 'The Fault In Our Stars' where characters Gus and Hazel have a romantic moment. I visited this bench and oh boy was it busy, this bench had its own line! It is a lovely bench that has been covered in graffiti and love locks but the view from it is much better!

In the evening my sister and I roamed the streets of the Red Light District of Amsterdam to see what all the hoo-ha was about. If you intend to visit please be safe as this is a dangerous area at night even though it is a tourist attraction and you never know who may be lurking around the corner. Here we saw the famous Bulldog coffee shop, Amsterdam has many locations the first being 'The Bulldog™ The First Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90 1012 GJ Amsterdam The Netherlands' but if you wanted to buy weed here I wouldn't recommend as it seemed a little seedy.

The first Bulldog cafe est.1974


In the morning I visited the Van Gogh Museum, I respect him as an artist and as a complicated human being if you don't know who he was, then start googling because there is a heck of a lot of information on him. the majority of the museums are coupled together on the Museumplein, so you could possibly do all the museums in one day however that would bore me and I need a little more variation in my sightseeing. Remember to buy your tickets in advance!

Wander around the Nine Streets - The nine canals that join together at a junction are not to be missed, it is the area where you see a lot of popular Amsterdam photos, flowing with endless canals and a uniform row of houses. And also watch out for bikes here as locals will be flying through while your standing trying to take a photo!

No one there are more bikes than people!

Head to the Jordaan neighborhood for a more local atmosphere, not as popular as the Nine Streets but still beautiful for all to wonder.

Be the first to line to tour the Anne Frank House, this famous spot gets really crowded so try and book tickets in advance to view it during the day or queue for 3 hours like I did! (The line goes around the block!)


As for my last day I wanted to do something that was a bit more laid back, we had an evening flight as we normally would for any of our holidays to use most of the day for more sightseeing.

I started with taking a stroll through a park that was located near to our hotel called Beatrix Park - it had stunning landscapes that if I still drew I would sketch it out.

then I made my way to the Albert Crypt Market, one of Amsterdam's most popular food and trinket markets pathing through a long road. If you're a foodie or like shopping stalls this is the place for you. If you have a chance to visit the market you can get a really good falafel wrap at Sonny's Falafel, they won't let you down!

The last museum I wanted to visit was the Moco Museum located on the Museum Plein, near the Van Gogh Museum. They had a Banksy and Andy Warhol exhibition on, and I have never seen any of their artworks in real life so I took the opportunity to view them here in Amsterdam. I learned so much just by observing their work. Did you know that someone was ripping people off on Banksy artwork on the street, a stranger would cover it and charge like $2 a viewing even though it wasn't his work (such disrespect :/)

I spent the rest of the afternoon at the hotel even though checkout was around 10-11am, but I just walked in and made myself comfortable on the lounge sofa and hooked onto the wifi browsing and making notes for upcoming blog posts and things I needed to catch up on through the rest of the week. While doing this I was munching on some poffertjes which are Dutch mini pancakes, from the Pancake Corner next to the other Bulldog located in Leidseplein Square. They were decently priced using the euros I had left and got these as a takeaway and they gave me a plastic pint glass worth of whipped cream!

I hope this inspires you to visit this rich cultured city, and that you can visit the majority of Amsterdam with only a couple of days if you are well organised and willing to put the effort in.

There will be more posts on my trip to Amsterdam coming soon! Look out on the blog or follow me on Twitter @BoldInOrigin for the latest updates. Ax