Feeding the Homeless


Hello all, I believe this is the final post for my Duke of Edinburgh series, one of the challenges I wanted to do was to create care packages for the homeless, but the time never came where I could do it alone or make them myself and handing out packages is a lot to do with a one-person team! 

But an opportunity arose when after a Christmas meal with my friends we made too much food and we never liked the idea of wastefulness so we wrapped it as best as we could and set off into the night to deliver these goods to those who were unfortunate. 

In total, we had about 8 bags of food to give away, but we couldn't really find that many people on the streets of West London, so we kept walking around aimlessly until we found man-made beds/shelters, there wasn't anyone around but we were sure they would come back and hopefully notice the food we left and that they have a Good Christmas after all.

I hope this encourages you to do something that can help those that live rough on the streets, anything at all that you can do counts towards a better day/life for them. What if you were in their situation? It could happen to you. Do Good.

A x

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