10K Run to Windsor


Hi guys,
So this post has been in the running for a long time, since April of last year that's how long! 
This is part of my Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge blog posts series. 

I have one more post left in the series and that was about my time when my friends and I ventured out during Christmas to give some merry food to the homeless, keep tuned.

One of my challenges was to run from Slough through Eton to Windsor and back in which I completed a 10.79 kilometre (6.7 miles) running, jogging and walking.

I took multiple breaks throughout my journey taking pictures to record my run for the journal they give when doing the challenges and taking a 20-30 minute break for water since I thought it would be dead weight to carry a water bottle with me.

This challenge was one of my first completed challenges out of what I thought would be 60 and then down to 6 and then down to 3! But hey! I still did it!

I hope you enjoyed the photos I took, mostly of Eton College which is made up of really beautifully structured buildings if I say so myself, some of the grounds are private but I managed to find a gate open and walk through this little garden area which was quaint and serene. 

And if you didn't know Eton College is a private school for the male elites, most notable former students were Prince Harry and William as well as David Cameron (Ex-PM) and Eddie Redmayne!

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