Feeding the Homeless


Hello all, I believe this is the final post for my Duke of Edinburgh series, one of the challenges I wanted to do was to create care packages for the homeless, but the time never came where I could do it alone or make them myself and handing out packages is a lot to do with a one-person team! 

But an opportunity arose when after a Christmas meal with my friends we made too much food and we never liked the idea of wastefulness so we wrapped it as best as we could and set off into the night to deliver these goods to those who were unfortunate. 

In total, we had about 8 bags of food to give away, but we couldn't really find that many people on the streets of West London, so we kept walking around aimlessly until we found man-made beds/shelters, there wasn't anyone around but we were sure they would come back and hopefully notice the food we left and that they have a Good Christmas after all.

I hope this encourages you to do something that can help those that live rough on the streets, anything at all that you can do counts towards a better day/life for them. What if you were in their situation? It could happen to you. Do Good.

A x

My Perfume Collection


Happy National Fragrance Day 2017!

This is trending on Twitter and I thought how great it would be to share my perfume collection with you and not only sharing some really cool pictures but prices and opinions I hold on the perfumes I have and would I buy them again?!


Some of these perfumes came in a beauty subscription box either by Birchbox or Glossy Box. The only perfume I would probably buy but in a larger bottle is the Gucci by Gucci because it's strong and such a womanly perfume and my sister has it too (that's how I got the miniature...I took it!)

Burberry (empty bottle but isn't it just darling, bought from Debenhams)
So Elixer Bois Sensuel by Yves Rocher (bottle that looks like a pear) - too strong, more targeted at someone older and mature than 21yrs.
Accord Chic Secrets D'Essences by Yves Rocher - Smells like cough medicine
Comme Une Evidence L'eau by Yves Rocher - Light Spring smell
Gucci by Gucci

Body Mists

They are all great mists, however, don't know if they still do the PINK mist, which if you can find, nab it quickly!

Victoria Secret PINK With A Splash, Sunny and Happy 75ml $8
Victoria Secret Midnight Mimosa, with Mimosa Flower and Airy Musk 250ml $12
Victoria Secret Love Spell, Refreshing Body Mist, Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine - was part of a lotion and toiletries gift set 250ml ($9 bottle)


These are perfumes I am saving for a rainy day if you will, I have wanted these two for ages and during a student night in a shopping centre, they were on offer!

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau De Parfum 100ml RRP £76
Stella McCartney POP Eau De Parfum 50ml RRP £45

The Real Deal

These are my ultimate perfumes that I use on a daily basis, apart from the YSL and Chanel which I keep for special occasions. I would definitely buy the Chanel again, but it is quite expensive so I use it rarely.

Chanel No.5 Eau De Parfum 100ml £95 RRP or £80 at duty-free
Vera Wang Princess Eau De Toilette 50ml RRP £25
Guess Seductive Eau De Toilette 30ml Gift Set with small bottle of lotion RRP £9
Yves Saint Laurent Jazz for Men Eau De Toilette 100ml (Amazon for £150) 
- the story behind this...this perfume belonged to my grandfather and when I open the bottle it smells like him and It makes me remember the good times we shared together before he passed. This bottle has been rebranded but the original surfaced in the 80s so this is a vintage.

The Past

Hugo Boss Femme 50ml RRP £29.37
Beautiful bottle of perfume and it made me feel like a real adult when I first got it which was back in 2007 (I was 13 and my brother got it for my birthday)

These are some really great perfumes (apart from the miniatures), and I would recommend anyone to buy them for a loved one or for yourself!

A x

What's In My Bag? I Internship Edition


A woman's bag is a woman's life. 

We carry pretty much everything there is to need.
And among my few friends I have been known to be the Mary Poppins of the group!

I just recently started my internship in Central London, I have upgraded my Herschel navy backpack that I used to use during those long university days for a more elegant classic faux leather shoulder bag. I have had this Yoki Shoulder Bag for over a year now and haven't used it as much as I would have liked to and now was my chance.

If you are a bit snoopy like me and want to know what people carry in their bags then read on.

'The bags under my eyes are Chanel'

If you read my 2017 goals list then you know I'm trying to complete reading novels that I've started but never finished. Let me know in the comments below if you're that type of person too! I either read a paperback or on my tablet with the Kindle/Google Books or Kobo books app. I am currently between Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Changing Faces by James Partridge.

Some essentials I always carry with me are my purse, keys and mobile phone. I carry these with me if I am just popping into a shop to get milk etc.

A pen and small notebook is a staple edition to every bag I own, I carry one every where with me, you never know when inspiration is going to hit! Being a comms and media student it is essential that I keep this with me, keep track of to-dos and other ideas. I keep a separate journal at work for my internship duties only.

What's in my Bag? // Internship Edition

Mobile Phone
Card Holder
Water Bottle
Hand Cream
Lip Balm
Liquid Lipstick
Charging Cable (iPhone 6)
Hand Sanitiser

Beauty Bag
 - sanitary pads, make up for touchups, bobby pins, hair bobbles, lip balm, perfume, hairbrush. 
I used to carry this, but rarely ever used it so I just got rid of it as it turned into dead weight.

I'm hungry most of the time! But, now I bring my own lunch and snacks to work which doesn't fit into my shoulder bag and there will be a dedicated post for this coming soon!

What items do you keep in your bag? Share them with me in the comments below!

10K Run to Windsor


Hi guys,
So this post has been in the running for a long time, since April of last year that's how long! 
This is part of my Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge blog posts series. 

I have one more post left in the series and that was about my time when my friends and I ventured out during Christmas to give some merry food to the homeless, keep tuned.

One of my challenges was to run from Slough through Eton to Windsor and back in which I completed a 10.79 kilometre (6.7 miles) running, jogging and walking.

I took multiple breaks throughout my journey taking pictures to record my run for the journal they give when doing the challenges and taking a 20-30 minute break for water since I thought it would be dead weight to carry a water bottle with me.

This challenge was one of my first completed challenges out of what I thought would be 60 and then down to 6 and then down to 3! But hey! I still did it!

I hope you enjoyed the photos I took, mostly of Eton College which is made up of really beautifully structured buildings if I say so myself, some of the grounds are private but I managed to find a gate open and walk through this little garden area which was quaint and serene. 

And if you didn't know Eton College is a private school for the male elites, most notable former students were Prince Harry and William as well as David Cameron (Ex-PM) and Eddie Redmayne!

Cover Letters That Kill


Hello my lovelies,

I'm back at it again, when am I ever going to get my uploading dates right?!

I took a long sabbatical because stuff in my private life blew up so I took time off to deal with it and now that I have I wanted to let you all know that I will no longer be posting three times a week. I found it challenging all the time, and wasn't getting out great quality content that I wanted for my online space, I have now decided to upload twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep up to date with what I post by following me on the various social medias -> links in the 'follow me' panel!

I have great news too and that is.. *drum roll please* I got an internship!
I was so happy that I finally landed an internship in Central London, and this comes with a handful of great blog posts coming your way about how I applied to the way I dress for work to new dining hotspots!

So what I thought was important that I know a lot of my friends don't really do is write up cover letters that go with your job application and CV. It is important to write a cover letter because not everything can be expressed with a CV or a general application, a cover letter goes more in-depth about the specific job you are applying for and the experiences that you have had and how they link together.

Golden Rules for Writing a Cover Letter

  1. A cover letter should accompany your CV unless otherwise stated.
  2. Never repeat your resume - Your cover letter should show personality and interest for the field you want to work in. Mention your opinion about the field and your perspective on how it might change. 
  3. Less is more - I would aim for a cover letter that is about half a page with three to four paragraphs. Remember the interviewer has to read many CVs, job applications and cover pages, you need to make yours stand out from the crowd.
  4. Address - If you don't know who to address it to, you can go for the generic 'To Whom It May Concern' or address it to nobody and get stuck right into the paragraph.
  5. PDFs - Not all computers are able to read .docs or .pages files, and converting them is a nightmare and the hiring manager is just not going to bother opening or trying to deal with it at all and move to the next applicant. But, you can always send a PDF and anybody can open it without the result of formatting errors and can't be easily tampered with.
  6. Proof read your CV and covering letter using computer spell check, but also by printing out a quick draft and reading it, a hard copy always looks different from when reading from a screen.
  7. Make your cover letter individual to each application you make and make sure you send the right one to the right company or organisation.
  8. Use your own words, avoid jargon and clich├ęs.
  9. If you are sending your cover letter electronically, then add it to the body of the email instead of as an attachment to avoid spam filters and security checks that lead your email to junk.
  10. You don't have to disclose anything that is not legally required, such as a disability, but when asked don't say that you don't have one even though you do as you could potentially lose the job if you were found out to be lying.
  11. Don't share any unnecessary personal details, they don't need to know your life story.

Example of a Cover Letter

Here is an example of a cover letter I wrote for a job application to a charity, please bear in mind that I have removed details and replaced them with 'XXX' which is where you will need to fill in the specific details: