I never really liked the term resolutions, because it's all about things you think you should do rather than what you want to be doing. That's why I think goals are better and they can always change, you never need to stick to them throughout the 365 days.

Here are my 2017 goals to start off the year right my way:

1. Work on my health and fitness 
Being healthier is something I aspire to, whether trying to push my stamina to the limit or eating more iron infused foods to get the colour back in my pale skin! I don't want to work on my health and fitness to look good, but to feel good on the inside.

2.  Complete unfinished books
Reading is a joy, pleasure and a luxury in life and sometimes I take it for granted. I am also the type of person to finish a project and see it through till the end. However, I'm not perfect so my goal is to complete every book I started to read and didn't end up finishing because I lost interest.

3. Get a 2:1 this year at university
A university education is important to me and getting a 2:1 is the minimum I should get. Getting a 2:1 is what I need to help my future career and this means trying to stop watching Netflix and procrastinating to get the grade I need....I know so hard right?

4. Save £2000
Saving money is necessary for me, my parents don't give me anything financial aid wise and I prefer it that way, I'd rather earn the money and save it for the future. Who knows maybe there might be a nice house or a lovely wedding in the future! I save my student finance, my payslip from H&M and hopefully will be getting a placement so a little more money for the rainy day fund.

5. Get a placement
I need to find a placement this year as a part of my accredited module at university, I also thought this would be valuable experience before I graduate that way I am ahead of the curve. I have started a digital and content marketing and blogging online course over the next couple of weeks, so far I'm enjoying it, I'll write a post about it when I complete the course. #2018Grad

6. Complete my everlasting to-do list
I am a massive fan of the to-do list, it is the best way to get things done. However, I have had a couple of things on my list for a while that I haven't managed to tick off, hopefully, 2017 is the year to complete the list!

7. Work to expand my blog
Blogging is a great hobby of mine, I've been doing it for 5 years on and off, numbers don't quite matter to me, but I would love to know if you guys would want different content or better quality content. (hmu)

8. Be mature and focused
I will be 21 this year and even though this means I am a fully fledged adult (internationally), I may not be as mature or focused sometimes. I want to take more responsibility in my life by either being in charge of my car and it's maintenance or by taking care of my parents more often. Things like that.

9. Travel
I would love to travel with my friends this year, many of my friends are graduating this year and who knows what the future might hold, but a great trip abroad will provide me with ever-lasting memories.

10. Move out to London
Even though as much as I like to live with my parents, next year is my last year at university and then when I graduate I will be living with my parents till I get married..most likely. I want to experience the freedom again that comes with being financially independent and living away from family. So hopefully I will be moving back onto university campus at the end of this year.

What are some of your New Year goals or resolutions?

Hope you have a Happy New Year. A x

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