DofE Diamond Challenge: Thank You!


I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who donated raising a total of £110 plus £16.25 in Gift Aid!! My initial goal was £60 so I am super happy that we nearly got double of what we needed to achieve!

I originally stated that I would be doing 60 challenges which at the beginning of the year didn't seem a lot because they weren't massive challenges, but small ones however as time passed I got a lot busier and unfortunately wasn't able to do all 60 or even 6 as stated on my 'Just Giving' page. However, I was able to complete 3 of them which were still as important as the rest of them -

1. On Saturday 2nd April I ran/jogged/walked from Slough through Eton to Windsor and back completing 10.79 km distance within an hour excluding the multiple breaks I had to take pictures of the lovely area and to grab some water. Post about my run is coming soon!

2. I signed up to be a registered NHS organ donation after I pass and donated a pint of my blood to the NHSBT. You can read all about my blood donation 'here'.

3. Originally I wanted to make care packages and hand them out to the homeless, but then the opportunity arose when after my university friends and I cooked our Christmas meal together we had so much food leftover we decided to wrap that up instead and hand it out. Post about feeding the homeless is coming soon!

Why I chose my challenge?
I am a loyal supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh's Charity that raises money for youths to get involved in their community. I wanted to do something that could push me over my comfort zone while raising money for others. As initially intended I wanted to do 60 challenges throughout the year, but I got busier and busier, reduced it to 6 and then ended up completing 3 which is still good enough for me! Being a part of the Diamond Challenge was great, it isn't like anything else you have to do like run a marathon or do some baking, you are able to dabble in anything that is a challenge to you like learning how to code or learning how to sew! It let me learn whatever I wanted to learn.

Challenges I faced doing my challenges?
There were various challenges I endured, small but still hard to deal with. If you want to read about my challenges, I have written about them in-depth in separate posts 'here'.

I wanted to thank everybody who supported my challenges big and small, and if you want to make a donation, you can do so on my 'Just Giving' page. Together with all the participants of the DofE raised over £1 Million to change the lives of million of young people across the UK!

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  1. don't worry u r not the only one.. I am staying here as well so I will always be here for u :)