What I Got For Christmas! 2016


Hey all, hope you had a good Christmas and time off enjoying and relaxing with a glass full of mead and bellies filled with chicken (because we don't do turkey!)

My Christmas and holiday time was very relaxing, I had a couple of Christmases -
1. Xmas do with work
2. Christmas dinner and movie sleepover night with university friends
3. Christmas dinner with friends from my hometown
4. having a roast with my parents
5. having my whole immediate family open presents, watch a panto and have dinner at Waggas

I am also completely broke... But here is what I got for Christmas!

My sister made a Christmas cracker and she stuffed with a scratch card, some socks from Topshop (we always give each other socks at Xmas, its our tradition <3 ) and a mini packet of Kleenex tissues which is always handy.

She also got me a personalised jar of Nutella, a Hotel Chocolat bauble for the tree, a tickets for my birthday to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part 1&2 Play - I am excited about this the most as this would be the second play I get to see, it's my 21st and I love the Harry Potter series.

From my brother, his wife and their child, I got The Polaroid Book I saw it in Urban Outfitters and thought it was cool and has some amazing polaroid in them. I also got some stationary, which if you know me well is always appreciated as I adore stationary. Some button plastic folders, colouring book, a notepad and some new Stabilo Tropikana pens 0.45mm.


From the girlies at work I got the Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelist - The 500 Best Places On The Planet...Ranked. I've only been to 18 out of the 500, I have some serious catching up to do! I also got the H&MxKENZO scarf from a secret santa at work. I always want products from the guest collaborations at H&M, but never seem to be able to get there quick enough to buy the things I want..damn website traffic. It's even worse because I work for the company, but never seem to get any of the merch! Maybe next year!

Last, but not least, another present from my secret santa. One of my best uni mates gave me this notebook and stick note bundle from Paperchase, which is one of my pride and joys rn! She also got me Toblerone which I love love love - I love Swiss chocolate and that is the new shape of the bar which I do like, it's nice to bite into! She also got a postcard about friendship and I am obsessed with the nautical theme. This will have a place inside my wardrobe door.

Yup that's it, nothing over the top or fancy, but great stuff that I can use in my daily life and will enjoy for a long time. Thank you to my family and friends for the gifts they are much appreciated xx

To my readers/followers
I wish you a happy new year and best wishes! xox

A x

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