Hello, my lovelies!

Here is my last photo diary from my trip to Prague last year in Spring. I would recommend anybody to go to Prague, it is a beautiful and historical city and I would even move there!

Strahov Library, Theological Hall, Strahovsk√° Knihovna

Overall 200,000 volumes in this collection

Charles Bridge

When standing on this bridge you can actually see the Prague Metronome.
Before the Metronome was there, a Stalin monument called the 'Queue for Meat' unveiled in 1955, it was destroyed in 1962.

Beautiful blossoms in a park

Prague Castle in the background

St. Vitus Cathedral
Fun Top Tip: If one person stand in one corner of the columns and another person stands on the other side, if you walk to each other you can hear each other from the other side of the room. Great architecture!

Wellness Grand Majestic Plaza Prague
One of the best massages I have ever had...tbh it's my first ever massage!
I had a full body classic Thai massage for 700 (CKZ) Czech Koruna, which is about £25! I even fell asleep during the massage but it was okay my sister was getting a massage in the same room just to be safe.

National Museum Prague
In the background

View from the Dancing House

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos from my trip!
One last post is coming about my Prague bucket list.

A x

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