I absolutely loved Prague and it is one of the places I could see myself living, buying items here is quite cheap, the city and people are friendly and lively.

My trip
17 - 20 April 2015
Total £501.07 
For 2 people, hotel+flight (BA) and breakfast buffet included 

The Hotel - 


The lobby is absolutely beautiful.

View from the window

The hotel beds are so comfortable and the hotel amenities are amazing, they have a spa in the hotel as well! 

Top Tip:
We used the mini bar to stash some of our own snacks and drinks to keep fresh!

An active missile found lodged!

Quirky chair outside stationary shop

The sculpture, titled In Utero, is a work by Czech artist David Cerny
There on a quiet street not far from Prague's old town square stood a nearly 20-foot, stainless steel sculpture of a naked woman in all her artistic glory!

Top Tip:
You can get free tourist information at the train station, including maps!

Goofing around while taking pictures! My sister was not amused...

Strahov Monastery

Klášterní pivovar Strahov

There is a brewery on the grounds of the monastery, if you like beer this is the place to go. Unfortunately I don't like beer so...

A hilltop, medieval monastery with a theological hall, vast library and church.

Astronomical Clock
Medieval astronomical clock located in Prague's Old Square, on the hour every hour, the clock strikes and the four figures start to move!

Mozart's Don Giovanni marionette show in original Italian
I loved the marionette show, it was one of the highlights of my trip. If it is still running, I recommend watching! Although, I had terrible jetlag that evening and kept nodding off during it, so shameful!

Part 2 coming soon

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