Things I wish I knew before I started University


Hello all,

When I found out I got into the university of my choice, I started my extensive research of other blogs and youtube videos as well as Pinteresting...a lot! But nothing quite made me ready for the reality of it until I completed my first two years of university and I am still learning to this day. I am in my third year of university, I'm on thin sandwich placement so I still have my dissertation year to come.

Definition of Thin Sandwich Placement:
Students undertake two separate placements over four years: the first in term 1 of their second year and the second in term 2 of their third year.

Here is my list of 27 things I wish I knew before I started university:

1. The on-campus shop is expensive so go to Lidl...preferably
2. Always try and borrow books or download books for free from the internet instead of buying them
3. Make the most 1st year because your first year doesn't really count (40% to get into the second year) it's a perfect chance to use every opportunity
4. Buy a university hoodie or t-shirt because they are great
5. Do internships for the connections and to see what you like and don't like as a job/career during your spare time or during the holidays
6. Budget - make use of your money, get a job, save £££ DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT spend all of your loan
7. You have a new found freedom so take advantage of it
8. Apply to all the student discount + vouchers - never pay retail!
9. University is an investment in to the future so do your best
10. Do some external things outside of uni - like blogging, going to the gym or volunteering for your community
11. Do what you love
12. Always keep making friends
13. Fresher's Flu is a real thing
14. Lock your doors in halls - you don't want anything stole or worse get pranked!
15. Get a door stopper for your room, keep it open as it seems like you're welcoming and will make friends much quicker that way, also easier too!
16. Sports socials are regular and messy
17. Use your time wisely
18. Join FB and whatsapp groups
19. Library gets busy during exam time so get there early
20. If you have an issue or want developed feedback on an assignment meet up with your tutor or lecturer
21. Reference your quotes in your essay as you go
22. Use plagerism, reference and grammer checker
23. Always keep asking questions
24. Every lecture, workshop and seminar counts
25. Fire alarms go off at the most stupid times so be prepared with a dressing gown and flip flops
26. Inspections are also random - so make sure you're ready to hide your banned items
27. Get a heater for your room because maintenance controls when to put the heating on and sometimes they never do it!

One thing I am quite proud of is I have never bought a book for university I have either borrowed books from the uni library or found online journals and articles.

Also not to brag or anything but I have escaped the fresher's flu three years in a row!

I hope this list was inspiring and helpful in some way or another.


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