My Health and Fitness Goals


Hello my lovelies,

I want to discuss something important to me - my health and fitness.
Many of you I know would want to stay healthy and fit so that we can live a longer and healthier life with fewer obstacles in our way. I feel the same way, not all of us in life can have the opportunity to live a normal healthy life, some of us get poorly and can never come back from that and this is why it is important. We can give ourselves more opportunities for things if we take care of ourselves.

I started to notice that I was gaining weight in mid-June, my jeans started to get tighter and holes started to appear where my thighs brushed against each other causing friction of the material to wear apart. I felt heavier and started to look bigger in the mirror, mostly bottom heavy. I knew the cause of this - it was due mostly due to stress and eating over the course of my exams as well as not eating very healthy anyway in the past years. I started to get rid of biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks, but I still has a sweet spot for chocolate, cakes and pudding (dessert). This was not going to cut it, I would need to make an extreme change to my eating habits to reach my goals.

My health and fitness goals are to:
  1. I am 67.5kg and my goal is to get down to 55kg, losing 10kg or a stone is my ideal weight. I don't want to just get slim, I want to be fit and strengthen my body so that I also have more energy.
  2. Increase my stamina, I am rubbish at running or doing anything for a long period of time or a far distance.
  3. Increase my iron levels, if you haven't read my post about my blood donation then you wouldn't know that I am indeed anaemic. Anaemia is a deficiency in you iron levels in your blood. It makes you super tired, prone to blood clots, and less red blood cells produced therefore makes it harder for the oxygen to flow through your body.
  4. Sort out the arch of my foot. A while ago I hurt my foot playing netball and its been hurting ever since on and off, mostly when I have been on my feet for a long period of time and I hurt it again a couple of months ago. So I need to get an x-ray done and focus on more strengthening exercises for that.
  5. Sort out my acne. Acne is a well known issue for many people and doesn't just appear on the face, ever heard of bacne?! I have had spots before I hit my pre-teens and still have them as an adult and it completely ruins my confidence. I have tried creams, ointments, tropical medicines and various skincare routines and nothing seems to budge it. To make it worse, most of it is scaring and blemishes and I am so annoyed with the fact that I can't find any acne scaring solutions on the market, only acne creams or dark colour correctors! I am going to try some natural remedies and try and remove all the toxins I have been putting on my skin for years and see if that makes a difference.
What do you guys think? Do you have any fitness or health related goals? If so, mention in the comment section below and follow me on Twitter for updates at @boldinorigin
A x

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