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Hey guys,

I am in Amsterdam at the moment, taking a break from the break! But I wanted to let you guys know that I will be trying to upload more, I was on a pretty good streak until I had exams etc. Today's post is a couple of travelling hacks or tips that might make travelling either cheaper or easier for you or even both! 

- Always book flights on a credit card etc. So that banks can cover costs if something goes wrong.
- Use discount codes / vouchers BA Avios points (if you're flying with British Airways), Quidco (Cashback), Nectar points, this makes flying a cheaper, depending.
- Use Skyscanner to look up the cheapest flights and compare between airlines.
- As soon as you know you're going abroad book flights and hotels, do not leave to the last minute (anything after a month and a half before you actually go) because prices go up everyday and flight times that you want sell out fast.
- Also get your currency asap because you never know when there will be a fall in value
- When abroad especially in Europe and paying on credit card make sure you are paying in Euros. You want to pay the rate of the country you are in so that you get your value but make sure the card is commission free.

That is all I have for you my sweet peas.
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