Week 29 Buys: Max Factor Lipfinity Lipcolour 24hr


Good morning friends,
This is a new series of posts in which I write the week and what I bought, I didn't want to do a full blog post on large hauls, fully described it etc unless it was something truly spectacular. I want this to be short and sweet. 

This week I bought for the first time some liquid lipsticks from Max Factor Lipfinity Lipcolour 24 HR in shades Spicy, Spiritual and Iced. I was searching nearly everywhere to get some great liquid lipsticks that I didn't have to import from the US and didn't break the bank, I was aiming to go for some browny pink nudes.


The liquid lipstick also comes with a moisturiser balm that you put on after the lipcolour so that your lips are still soft and hydrated. Each set is £10.99. I bought mine from Boots a drugstore in the UK, they have an offer on at the moment - 3 for 2 and the cheapest item free and I also got £5 off voucher from Love2Shop so in total it came up to £16.98. And if you have a Boots loyalty card you can also collect points from this too! With over 20 shades to pick from you cannot go wrong for these prices.

I will do a product review shortly when I have worn all 3 and tested them against the climate and its long wear durability.

A x

* BeFunky photo editing website used for swatches lipcolour font. All images are my own. This is not a sponsered post and and as always all opinions are my own.


You want to buy a shirt for £97 but you don't have the money
So you borrow £50 from your mum and £50 from your dad
So you have a £100
That's £3 left over
You give £1 to your mum and £1 to your dad and £1 to yourself
Now you owe £49+£49=£98
Plus +£1 to yourself you have £99 where is the other pound??

Instead of +£1 its minus £1 as you do not owe that to anyone.. you need to give 50p to each parent

This Time Last Year: July 2014


Hello ladies and gents,
This is kind of a new post on its own, something which I haven't done before. But I like the fact that I can reflect on what I did this time last year.

It was my dad's 59th birthday and I had to work that day, so after work I managed to go to our local Tesco and find a new range of cakes that they do and found this cookies and cream also bought a couple of candles and what do y'know my dad was out cold on the bed (sleeping). I only woke him up enough to blow the candle out then he went straight back to sleep. Oh father!!

I got up to a little bit of drawing - I was using new techniques I found on Adobe Photoshop yaay - I like experimenting and finding new ways to do my art work.
You may have seen this picture on my Instagram, I was being a bit cheeky eating a KitKat!
I'll make sure I do a post on how it turned out.

I was bored out of my mind so I thought I would make my parents laugh by drawing funny faces on the eggs and they didn't even realise until one of them was about to make an omelette - I'm hilarious, I know!

Here are pictures we took after we left nandos for Leonie's leaving do it was so much fun that day honestly it's great to have friends at work that you don't always get to see everyday so when we do its such a good catch up.

I have literally forgotten what this is called, but again its on my insta so just have a wonder on there and find it for yourself, I am the worst Gujarati on the planet I tell you now!! Anyway my aunt and uncle were visiting from America and they came to stay with us for a few weeks and we made this because the weather was so boom (yes slang) but honestly I love the feel of warmth from the sun hitting my skin.

So during the holidays one of my main aims was to clear absolutely everything from my room that wasn't necessary anymore and I can tell you now I got rid of so much crap and it felt so good to be in a room that was nice and clean and for everything to have an order to it again after exam season: 
- donated all textbooks to my school library
- Donated four bags on clothes not needed to h&m for their concious scheme
- 5 bin liners of unwanted paper etc which went straight to recycling
- donated old toys not needed to charity
- 2 storage boxes that have been removed from my house ended up in the trash or reorganised into my new room organisation

Post about my summer of 2014

Travelling Hacks


Hey guys,

I am in Amsterdam at the moment, taking a break from the break! But I wanted to let you guys know that I will be trying to upload more, I was on a pretty good streak until I had exams etc. Today's post is a couple of travelling hacks or tips that might make travelling either cheaper or easier for you or even both! 

- Always book flights on a credit card etc. So that banks can cover costs if something goes wrong.
- Use discount codes / vouchers BA Avios points (if you're flying with British Airways), Quidco (Cashback), Nectar points, this makes flying a cheaper, depending.
- Use Skyscanner to look up the cheapest flights and compare between airlines.
- As soon as you know you're going abroad book flights and hotels, do not leave to the last minute (anything after a month and a half before you actually go) because prices go up everyday and flight times that you want sell out fast.
- Also get your currency asap because you never know when there will be a fall in value
- When abroad especially in Europe and paying on credit card make sure you are paying in Euros. You want to pay the rate of the country you are in so that you get your value but make sure the card is commission free.

That is all I have for you my sweet peas.
Tune in for a new post next week! Make sure you follow me on Twitter for my blog updates!
A x

The Ultimate Packing Checklist


Amsterdam Here I Come!
Hey guys, if you're travelling this summer then The Ultimate Packing List is for you! I booked my trip to Amsterdam about a month ago, and it is quite a last minute trip with my sister. I decided that I needed a packing list that I wouldn't need to keep remaking over and over for every trip and have made one ultimate list finally. This list is catered to women as well as men however does not apply to families, those with children/babies or disabled family members, but there are travel packing lists out there on the internet.

The embedded PDF is available to download and print out to take with you on your travels. Enjoy your trip and be safe xx