How to create an exam timetable


Creating an exam plan is very important and can definitely ease the stress that comes with exams.

When you are creating your exam timetable you want to leave a maximum of 15 minutes for a break to either get a mug of tea, biscuits or check your emails etc. This leaves 45 minutes of revision time.

Take 30 minutes for lunch otherwise you will start to drift and never go back to revising.

*Image of the exam plan above is one I made a little earlier

Find you best time to flourish. I work best in the morning when I wake up really early - during a-level I used to wake up everyday at 6 and get straight to work when my mind was fresh. The darkness outside makes me sleepy so I can't work into the night.

Use a colour coding system to differentiate between subjects and breaks. For example:
Blue = breaks
Red = priority
Yellow = medium priority
green = low priority

Or differentiate between subject matter.


Create a to do list of what also needs to be done during the day and incorporate this into your timetable. This helps you on your time management and how to divide up your time.

Don't forget to include wellness and other appointments and stuff, just because it is that time of the year where you need to be constantly revising don't make your health and other priorities second class, they are just as important.

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