Yankee Candle Haul


Hello all,

You're probably wondering where could I possibly get Yankee Candles from other than Ebay, Amazon or the Yankee Candle website in England. I have been to a couple of stores in the high street where they sell the large ones in glass pots, but I was looking for something different. Votive Candles. Sampler Votive candles are small candles from Yankee Candle to layer up fragrances or sample new scents.

What is great about the Yankee Candle, in general, is that the scent of each candle literally fills the room, the candles have a long burning time (15hrs) and when the candles melt it doesn't create an ugly crater in the middle, it melts all together until it's all gone apart from the wick.

There are over 101010100101..well actually over 200 Yankee Candle scents but alas only certain places sell certain scents. And if you think I'm joking about the number, I made a list of all the scents I could find in an Excel sheet. For example, I went to Tesco to buy my candles but they only had the Simply Home range. Asda and B&Q also sell the Simply Home range.

I previously had two medium/small jar candles in the scent Pink Sands scent my sister and cousin got me, and I loved Yankee Candle's ever since. Although it isn't something I could buy all the time because of the price, but if I see a good deal as I did the other day then I will purchase as many as I can!!

My friend Emily bought me a votive candle holder and a couple of candles for Christmas, but I don't want to burn my Christmas scents anymore, I wanted something more Springy. I bought these candles from Tesco, the normal price is £1 each, but it was on sale for 80p each. The Simply Home range also sells sets of candles and there was a set of 12 candles for £14 that was not on sale, but I thought if I bought 12 of the individual it would only cost me £9.60. So I did the latter and also got 10% employee discount off the candles as well as I knew somebody who works at Tesco, so they let me use their discount. I bought 13 in the end, and now I have a couple of candles I can use per season which is what I wanted, since I like only to burn candles when I'm relaxing, reading or revising.

The scents I got:
Cherry Vanilla
Strawberry Shortcake
White Jasmine
Shea butter and vanilla
Soft Cotton
White linen and lace
tangerine and vanilla
vanilla frosting x2
sage and white tea
sea paradise
margarita party

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