Harvester Review


It has been a very long time since I last visited Harvester, I'm talking years.

The reason for this was simply because their menu didn't appeal to me any more. But I may have changed my opinion of them now.

Harvester for those of you who don't know what it is, is a family farmhouse styled restaurant chain in England.  The chain specialises in flame grilled food, spit roasted chicken and a help yourself salad carts. I visited the Harvester in Langley.

Their infamous salad bowls from their help yourself salad carts.
Various collection of nibbles and salad to choose from. In this picture above the bowl has been filled with croutons, bread crumbs, coleslaw, onions, sweetcorn, cucumber and pasta. This was my brothers bowl, I just had cucumbers I'm not really a big fan of the salad bowl.

There is also bread buns to choose from as well, they were out of white buns so we ended up with brown wholemeal buns with butter. 

We chose to do an offer with out starters so choose 4 starters for £15.
We got new mac and cheddar cheese bites with salsa dip (V) which was really nice you would think its an odd combination to deep fry mac and cheese but turned out well and wasn't too heavy.
Spicy cracker jack prawns, this was my favourite starter, it was delicious and well cooked and did not taste at all fishy. It came with Caribbean peri peri dip and lemon and I highly recommend trying the sauce it was out of this world and tasted a little like Tamerin sauce but with a nice tangy twist.
For my brother, the only meat eater on the table, we ordered pepper-crumb fried chicken strips which arrived with a classic BBQ sauce.

Lastly, we also got Halloumi skewers (V) which came with grilled watermelon and a mint dressing. This starter I did not like solely because I do not like halloumi cheese, it is way too salty for my liking. But it was well cooked and crispy golden on the outside as it should be. 
We ordered a bowl of chips for my 3-year-old niece and they were well cooked, the portion was actually quite big for her.

As a main I ordered the signature fish and chips which came with tarte sauce my fave sauce with cod and buttered peas on the side...I don't like mushy peas. I was very surprised by how oily the whole dish was, it completely soaked through the piece of paper the fish was on and if you weren't careful it was possible that you could have ate the paper. I see no reason why they put the paper on the plate under my food because the plate was still oily anyway and could cause serious issues if you swallowed it. In the end I didn't finish my mains because it was quite a big piece of fish and the image above does not clearly convey this!

My brother ordered the double loaded cheese and bacon burger which he wasn't able to finish either and normally he finishes all his food, so this was shocking to see. 
Everything was all well cooked brought out in a timely manner and the atmosphere was nice inside, I think they changed up the design since I was last their as well, more modern with a pinch of American style to it. 

Rating 3.5/5

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