Duke of edinburgh diamond challenge: getting started


Hello All,
Today I wanted to talk about some charity work I have been doing recently, and that is the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge. Now most of you may have heard the bronze, silver and gold award you can attain from the Duke of Edinburgh award but the Diamond Challenge is something completely new to the DofE charity.

What is the DofE Diamond Challenge?

2016 is a special year for the Duke of Edinburgh charity as it is it's Diamond anniversary this year, hence the name - Diamond Challenge. They have created the Diamond Challenge to celebrate 60 years of helping vulnerable young children across Britain, the challenge is inspired from the DofE awards and invite everyone to take part in their own adventure whether is is a personal skill you are working towards or a challenge that is to you. It is just a great way to get out of your comfort zone and carpe diem!

Choose the challenge and change a life?

You can sign up now for £20 which gets you a Challenger kit which includes your very own Diamond Challenge t-shirt and challenge companion journal. To take part you need to raise a minimum of £60 and you will be rewarded with a limited edition DofE Diamond Challenge pin and a huge sense of achievement. The deadline to raise all the money and to complete your challenge is by the end of the year - 31st December 2016. You can do an adventure (climb a mountain or take on a triathlon), personal (give up something or overcome a fear) or a skill (learn a language or learn a craft).

My Challenge

I was really stuck on what to do for my challenge and I actually decided what to do on a coffee date with my friend Sophie, we started to talk about a couple of ideas and came up with a 60 day challenge. To me doing 60 challenges in a row I thought was a bit too much for me since I had the whole year to achieve this anyway, so I have decided to do 60 challenges for 60 years. A variation of challenges that help towards me becoming a better person, helping the people around me and just helping as much as I can in general.

You can sponsor me 'here' and keep a look out on social media and my blog for more news on my challenges!

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