Glossy Box: October



During Lectures


Have you ever wondered if you were taking in class notes the right way? Well let me tell you there is no exact right way. 

What are lectures for?
Lectures are a way to introduce you into a new topic, it provides you with an overview of what the topic is about and it summaries key ideas, principles and arguments. Lectures or class time is very important especially when it is an entirely new topic you are learning and even though it's lame, you need to attend these sessions. If you don't you are really going to struggle what you are learning and you will be extremely panicking when it comes to exams or coursework hand ins.

What to write?
What you want to be focusing on is getting all the necessary information down on your notepad or electronic notepad (hail 21st century technology!) 

When I mean necessary, I don't mean copying every single thing on the lecture slide and why would you, when these slides should be uploaded to whatever platform your school or university has, my university has BlackBoard. These platforms should be available to you when you need documents or slides your teacher or lecturer has used within your class time and should be uploaded here to be able to use all hours of the day, if not question your teacher immediately. 
You should be note-taking important information said by your teacher or lecturer, the information they are talking about is easier to digest then complex terminology used on any slide or handout - basically dumbed down for you so you can understand. This information can then be used directly into your work.

So please, for me, don't copy off the screen or handouts - make your own notes that you can understand and refer back to.

Some of you may be concerned about messy notes, I feel the same way. I am a perfectionist and I need to be in control of the way certain things look - organised and pretty!

There are two types of layout for in class notes:
1) The Cornell Method (in England this doesn't exist) so find out more information here
2) Sentence/Outlining Method

I use the sentence combined with the outlining method because it works best for me. Writing every new thought, concept, idea or fact on a separate line numbering or bullet pointing as you progress under each subheading and heading.

What else to do
I tend to also record my lectures just as a back up in case I missed anything my lecturer was talking about or if I misplaced or lost my lecture notes does happen.

As well as actively listening you also need to actively participate, there is no good and just sitting there being one of the silent ones when you could feel great about yourself answer or raise questions to your teacher or fellow peers.

Don't just switch off or what was the point in attending the session?

I know it may be hard in lectures especially to be on your laptop and instead of taking notes your looking for shoes or being on Facebook, it is definitely not going to help you in the long term so stay focused and off your phones.

I am no way perfect no matter how hard I try to be - perfection does not exist. But you can do your best and try really hard to concentrate and get the work done. Education is so important and not everybody has a chance to have one.

Liked product: seventeen doll'd up liquid eyeliner


I actually got this product a while ago and some of you could probably tell since I believe they don't sell it any more. But, this post has been lying under my drafts tab for a while so I thought it was time for it to be public. I got this eye-liner at a graduates designers exhibition believe it or not, this was one of those things they were giving away to entice you to talk to them and get to know the real product that was on offer for sale, which I wasn't interested in, sorry.

This eyeliner is by Seventeen, a 3-way liquid eyeliner called Doll'd Up. It has a three point nib for a simple dotting technique for creating a natural lash line. You can check out some tutorials on the Boots website here. Because you are dotting the liquid across your lash line this makes it a lot easier than drawing a straight line across and saves a lot of time for application. 

This is a great first liquid eyeliner to use for beginners as it teachers you how to make a nice simple liquid line on your lash line without going to over board and you can wear during the day and the evening. You can build it up or make a very thin line to make your eye shape look feline. The only thing I didn't like was that it dried up very quickly and one time by mistake I left it without the lid on and all the liquid tried up so it ended up in the bin and couldn't find another on the high street :(

Too Faced has their own version of this called the 3* Way Lash Lining Tool, available here.

Harvester Review


It has been a very long time since I last visited Harvester, I'm talking years.

The reason for this was simply because their menu didn't appeal to me any more. But I may have changed my opinion of them now.

Harvester for those of you who don't know what it is, is a family farmhouse styled restaurant chain in England.  The chain specialises in flame grilled food, spit roasted chicken and a help yourself salad carts. I visited the Harvester in Langley.

Their infamous salad bowls from their help yourself salad carts.
Various collection of nibbles and salad to choose from. In this picture above the bowl has been filled with croutons, bread crumbs, coleslaw, onions, sweetcorn, cucumber and pasta. This was my brothers bowl, I just had cucumbers I'm not really a big fan of the salad bowl.

There is also bread buns to choose from as well, they were out of white buns so we ended up with brown wholemeal buns with butter. 

We chose to do an offer with out starters so choose 4 starters for £15.
We got new mac and cheddar cheese bites with salsa dip (V) which was really nice you would think its an odd combination to deep fry mac and cheese but turned out well and wasn't too heavy.
Spicy cracker jack prawns, this was my favourite starter, it was delicious and well cooked and did not taste at all fishy. It came with Caribbean peri peri dip and lemon and I highly recommend trying the sauce it was out of this world and tasted a little like Tamerin sauce but with a nice tangy twist.
For my brother, the only meat eater on the table, we ordered pepper-crumb fried chicken strips which arrived with a classic BBQ sauce.

Lastly, we also got Halloumi skewers (V) which came with grilled watermelon and a mint dressing. This starter I did not like solely because I do not like halloumi cheese, it is way too salty for my liking. But it was well cooked and crispy golden on the outside as it should be. 
We ordered a bowl of chips for my 3-year-old niece and they were well cooked, the portion was actually quite big for her.

As a main I ordered the signature fish and chips which came with tarte sauce my fave sauce with cod and buttered peas on the side...I don't like mushy peas. I was very surprised by how oily the whole dish was, it completely soaked through the piece of paper the fish was on and if you weren't careful it was possible that you could have ate the paper. I see no reason why they put the paper on the plate under my food because the plate was still oily anyway and could cause serious issues if you swallowed it. In the end I didn't finish my mains because it was quite a big piece of fish and the image above does not clearly convey this!

My brother ordered the double loaded cheese and bacon burger which he wasn't able to finish either and normally he finishes all his food, so this was shocking to see. 
Everything was all well cooked brought out in a timely manner and the atmosphere was nice inside, I think they changed up the design since I was last their as well, more modern with a pinch of American style to it. 

Rating 3.5/5

Donating Blood and my organs


For a while I have wanted to donate my blood because I have always thought that if I ever needed a blood transfusion in the future (let's hope I don't need one) I would have wanted that one person to donate their blood so I could still keep living my life and help me to get better and I would want to do the same for someone else who really needs it. 

I thought this would be great to donate as apart of one of my 60 challenges. But what makes this a challenge? I have never had a problem with needles and they don't bother me, but it was about sacrificing my time to do this for someone else, time that I don't have really considering I have a couple of weeks before my first exam and the fact that I am not a fit and healthy person as such. I haven't got any diseases or anything, but in 2014 I was diagnosed with Anaemia (Iron deficiency) which is a lack of iron in the body leading to a reduction of red blood cells. Red blood cells help store and carry oxygen throughout the body and if you lack in iron, you lack in red blood cells which then you lack in oxygen, simple. Because I have Anaemia, it makes me constantly tired, more prone to blood clots, headaches, decreases my appetite from time-to-time and looking pale all the time! -.-

So losing a pint of my blood during my donation was going to be a challenge in itself. I booked an appointment in Uxbridge for 5.50pm so that if anything happened I had the evening to rest which I did and have a blissful sleep! So I arrived to my appointment, filled out a form for my medical history etc. and then waited till it was my turn to be seen. My name was called out and a nurse saw to me, they asked me a couple of questions regarding piercings and any medication I have taken (your blood needs to be clean/pure in order for it to be donated), they checked my iron levels, fingers crossed hoping that I did have enough haemoglobin to donate! Which I did, yaay! I haven't taken prescribed medication for my Anaemia since , I now take vitamin pills you can buy off the shelf every other day or so. So it was back to waiting till there was a free seat for me to now give blood.

Before you give blood you should always make sure that you have drank at least 2L of water and have had a balanced meal throughout the day as well as good amount of sleep aiming for between 7 to 9 hours of sleep, which is what is recommended for adults. 
I was put into the chair, told to read about some exercises that could reduce fainting and a booklet about what is going to happen and a couple of side effects from the procedure but most of these side effects are like 1 in 100,000 so I wasn't worried. They cleaned the area and stuck a needle (the size of a tooth pick) in the bend of my left arm as that is where my vein was visible the most out of both arms then told me to clench and unclench my hand and keep doing so, so that the blood flows more quickly. 

This is where it went a bit downhill as my blood was moving very slow and kept making the machine beep! This was probably due to the fact that I may not have had enough water or was a little tired or that my veins are just thin. But eventually they got enough blood, they had to stop it early at 495 so not a whole pint, but I did it, I gave blood! When they took the needle out, I had to hold a swab over it and apply pressure and gradually got up only to have to sit back down because I was very dizzy like seeing lights dizzy, so they titled me upside down a little so the blood flows and got my to drink water through straw till they thought I was better.

Eventually I felt better and got a couple of nibbles and lemon squash before I went on my way home. So all in all it wasn't a bad experience but I just needed to prepare more beforehand. So if you would ever like to donate blood I recommend you do and it is a great feeling after knowing that you did something good for someone in need.

I also registered to donate my organs as well, there are two types of organ donation: 1) live 2) deceased, I chose the latter. I donated everything apart from my eyes (I need my eyes when I have an open casket at my funeral!). My religion isn't against organ donation either (I'm a Hindu) it actually encourages to give more than you receive, which is also the main reason I donated my organs because I feel like we take so much from the earth and others that we don't really give back as much as we should and one day someone might need that heart or liver to keep on living and I'm giving them that chance to do so.
I highly recommend you do both only if you can though and if you want to. I hope this encouraged you to do more for your fellow man!

Duke of edinburgh diamond challenge: getting started


Hello All,
Today I wanted to talk about some charity work I have been doing recently, and that is the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge. Now most of you may have heard the bronze, silver and gold award you can attain from the Duke of Edinburgh award but the Diamond Challenge is something completely new to the DofE charity.

What is the DofE Diamond Challenge?

2016 is a special year for the Duke of Edinburgh charity as it is it's Diamond anniversary this year, hence the name - Diamond Challenge. They have created the Diamond Challenge to celebrate 60 years of helping vulnerable young children across Britain, the challenge is inspired from the DofE awards and invite everyone to take part in their own adventure whether is is a personal skill you are working towards or a challenge that is to you. It is just a great way to get out of your comfort zone and carpe diem!

Choose the challenge and change a life?

You can sign up now for £20 which gets you a Challenger kit which includes your very own Diamond Challenge t-shirt and challenge companion journal. To take part you need to raise a minimum of £60 and you will be rewarded with a limited edition DofE Diamond Challenge pin and a huge sense of achievement. The deadline to raise all the money and to complete your challenge is by the end of the year - 31st December 2016. You can do an adventure (climb a mountain or take on a triathlon), personal (give up something or overcome a fear) or a skill (learn a language or learn a craft).

My Challenge

I was really stuck on what to do for my challenge and I actually decided what to do on a coffee date with my friend Sophie, we started to talk about a couple of ideas and came up with a 60 day challenge. To me doing 60 challenges in a row I thought was a bit too much for me since I had the whole year to achieve this anyway, so I have decided to do 60 challenges for 60 years. A variation of challenges that help towards me becoming a better person, helping the people around me and just helping as much as I can in general.

You can sponsor me 'here' and keep a look out on social media and my blog for more news on my challenges!

Yankee Candle Haul


Hello all,

You're probably wondering where could I possibly get Yankee Candles from other than Ebay, Amazon or the Yankee Candle website in England. I have been to a couple of stores in the high street where they sell the large ones in glass pots, but I was looking for something different. Votive Candles. Sampler Votive candles are small candles from Yankee Candle to layer up fragrances or sample new scents.

What is great about the Yankee Candle, in general, is that the scent of each candle literally fills the room, the candles have a long burning time (15hrs) and when the candles melt it doesn't create an ugly crater in the middle, it melts all together until it's all gone apart from the wick.

There are over 101010100101..well actually over 200 Yankee Candle scents but alas only certain places sell certain scents. And if you think I'm joking about the number, I made a list of all the scents I could find in an Excel sheet. For example, I went to Tesco to buy my candles but they only had the Simply Home range. Asda and B&Q also sell the Simply Home range.

I previously had two medium/small jar candles in the scent Pink Sands scent my sister and cousin got me, and I loved Yankee Candle's ever since. Although it isn't something I could buy all the time because of the price, but if I see a good deal as I did the other day then I will purchase as many as I can!!

My friend Emily bought me a votive candle holder and a couple of candles for Christmas, but I don't want to burn my Christmas scents anymore, I wanted something more Springy. I bought these candles from Tesco, the normal price is £1 each, but it was on sale for 80p each. The Simply Home range also sells sets of candles and there was a set of 12 candles for £14 that was not on sale, but I thought if I bought 12 of the individual it would only cost me £9.60. So I did the latter and also got 10% employee discount off the candles as well as I knew somebody who works at Tesco, so they let me use their discount. I bought 13 in the end, and now I have a couple of candles I can use per season which is what I wanted, since I like only to burn candles when I'm relaxing, reading or revising.

The scents I got:
Cherry Vanilla
Strawberry Shortcake
White Jasmine
Shea butter and vanilla
Soft Cotton
White linen and lace
tangerine and vanilla
vanilla frosting x2
sage and white tea
sea paradise
margarita party

March Haul: Brandy Melville, H&M And more

Hello guys,

As I mentioned last week or the week before that, I went into Central London to go see Adele at the O2. I went to a bit of shopping before the concert and have done in the past week since I work in retail, so all the money I earn in retail goes back into retail!

I have a haul for you today, I went to a couple of places including MAC, Kikki.K, H&M and Brandy Melville and this is stuff I have recently bought in the past month.

A Swedish stationary shop and you could say their style is like Pinterest/Tumblr.
I picked up a couple of their new season inspiration and vision board packs that contain pieces of cards that contain motivational quotes and sayings.

Of course, most of my wardrobe is filled with H&M items because I work there and take full advantage of my employee discount. I bought a couple of tops for a holiday I hope to go on in the summer, a blue dress that shows off my shoulders which I think is one of my best assets, a small black bag for clubbing as I normally use a clutch, a black bikini - I like one solid colour bikinis or patterns like dots or stripes. And lastly, a pair of heels because I thought they looked gorgeous although sadly I will have to give these back because my foot slips out since it doesn't have proper straps and because I have wide feet it took a lot of pushing and tugging to get my feet to fit in.

*excuse my hairy hand, I have not waxed yet!

I bought a new matt lipstick and lip liner to go with it. I bought the MAC matt lipstick in the colour Velvet Teddy ( a deep-tone beige) and the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in the colour Staunchly Stylish (a pinky beige). I also received a free sample of mascara with my purchase.

Local Pharmacy
I bought a thermometer as I thought I should own one, not every fever needs medical attention but knowing what temperature you have can make all the difference on how you treat it instead of wasting medical attention you may not need and get advice from the internet instead.