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Hey guys, last week I shared with you OOTW and mentioned that I never repeat and outfit. Now this isn't because I wear a new outfit all the time then throw it out. No, I found this tip somewhere online or Pinterest, keep reading to found out!

My wardrobe is from IKEA and is ceiling height with a wood door and mirror door, therefore I have to use a step stool to reach the higher clothes rack.

Accessories hanger from IKEA

I keep that items that I have worn on the left.
The middle bit contains vest tops I would wear under see though tops and my gym gear which I would wear nearly everyday.
The right contains items of clothing I still need to wear on the right, I have turned the hangers the wrong way round to show that I haven't worn these pieces and need to otherwise I'll donate the item. 
If you don't wear the item and never would - get rid of it
It isn't adding any value to your wardrobe, but empty memories.

*These images are my own and have been edited using Befunky

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