#tb mother's day


Hello all,

Hoped all of you enjoyed this weekend and especially Mother's Day. And for those of you who don't have your mothers, I'm sure they would be proud of the person you have become xx

I want to show you some cards I made yesterday for my mother and my aunt, they love me and taken care of me my whole life, and I am indebted to them. So I wanted to express my love for them in some handmade cards, take a look below! I got both of them a box of chocolates and I got my mother a laundry basket (it was time for a new one!) They are the type of women to want stuff that is actually useful, not to recieve a gift just for the sake of getting a gift.

Stationary I used to make these pretty cards
Ruler, pencil, fine tip black marker, pair of scissors, glue stick, coloured paper and card, shaped hole punchers and Berol fine tip pens. You can get all these things in your local art supply or stationary shop.

I got my designs from 'here' and I kind of made them my own by using various types of stationary instead of printing it out and sticking it to a piece of card. I handmade both of these cards.

A special shout out to my mum who has been a mother for 35 years and a grandmother for 3 years, you are the strongest, most caring and resilient woman I know and I am glad you are my mum.
(My mum is better than yours!!!!)


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