Puerto Del Carmen: The Beginning


Hello All,
This is a long overdue post which I did mention I would post many weeks ago. Well the time has come my chums for you to look into my holiday experience when I visited one of the Canary Islands during August of last year.

I suggested to my sister that I wanted to go on a beach holiday somewhere cheap and just wanted a quick getaway because I have never been on a beach holiday before (bucket list - check!) and I didn't want to pay a lot of money, I just wanted some relaxation time. So we started to do some research and chose Lanzarote an island in the Canaries. We started to look for flights and hotels etc through Expedia, eDreams and received cash back through Quidco.

So we booked our flight through eDreams departing from Gatwick, London arriving at Lanzarote (ACE). We went away for 8 days to Spain's sunny island. We went there on Monarch Airlines and came back with British Airways. = £560 return flight for 3 people

Before I flew to Lanzarote, I researched things to do on the beautiful island. Here is my list:

·         tour the volcanoes at Timanfaya National Park
·         Gran Casino De Lanzarote
·         Boat tours
·         Rancho Texas Lanzarote park
·         learn to swim properly and swim (I can't float and I don't know why)
·         swim in sea/ocean
·         collect seashells
·         see a sun rise on the beach
·         message in a bottle 
·         sun tan 
·         read

·         Fiesta De San Gires Anecifa
·         Vanilla Bar
·         The pool shack
·         Playa Grande
·         Biosfera Plaza shopping centre
·         The Island bar
·         ride in a hot air balloon
·         see a waterfall (don't know why I thought there would be one)

I was so blown away by how sunny it was, the beautiful blue ocean. I was so excited for my holiday. I basically live under a stone in England, wet cold dark England.

We stayed at the Apartmentos Fayna, it was a nice place to stay, very pretty for a block of apartments. Although the downside was that the staff weren't very helpful, my sister and her husband were staying in the bedroom and I was staying in the living room, sleeping on the settee and they didn't even provide me with a pillow or blanket or anything really. And we asked and asked and I went a couple of days without sleeping comfortably. I slept better outside on the sun lounger than in the apartment I paid for (I used my hoodie as a pillow).

Oh just to warn you guys we had to pay for our hotel when we got there even though we booked our stay online, depending on where you stay we had to pay when we arrived but make sure that you pay in your currency as it may be cheaper than paying in Euros.

We took an early flight (5am yes 5 AM) so we could enjoy the rest of our day there, we grabbed lunch at a local 'pub', I wouldn't call it a restaurant, but everybody there speaks English so anybody freaking out that they don't speak Spanish, you're okay. I had a chip butty. Hail Britannia!

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