Pizza Party + Wondering around London


Hello All,

This post is more of a casual what did I do that day post and may be a little rant included!
So Wednesday (16/03) we went to the Vogue 100: A Century of Style exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery after our 9am-11am lecture.


I took my friend to Anthropolgie, she never heard of the shop before and I have only ever seen their products online. But it was so pretty inside, we went to the store in Kingly Court or near Carnaby street. The way the store is visually merchandised is to perfection, it put everything in such a good light I wanted to buy it all.

I wore a headband they were selling - going for a Blair Waldorf vibe! I saw this stand up cork board thing (below) and thought that was nifty as I have never seen something like that before, such a good option if you don't want to stick a board on your wall, but want something to stick important to.

 Thereafter we made our way back to our friends house and it was great until we got onto the bus to our friends house. Oh boy, there was so much traffic we didn't move at all for an hour and I was like "let's just walk" because it would have taken just a little less than an hour, but at least we would have got there earlier. It was £1.50 to ride a bus, but not worth being stuck in traffic with a bunch of noisy strangers on a London bus and I did not care if I was warm. I don't even live in London any more so the quicker I got to my friends house the more time I could have spent there but that didn't happen.

My friend was like oh we will move shortly don't worry, I wasn't worrying, but what's the point in staying on a bus stuck in traffic. She just wanted to stay warm so I stayed on the bus with her as she wouldn't have known where to get off at to get to our friend's house.

We got to her house eventually, ate pizza, watched telly and played twister. Which believe it or not was the first time I have ever played and I was pretty good at it, if I say so myself.

I ended up getting there at half 7 and leaving at half 9, because my parents asked me to come home URH

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