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Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hello All *Benedict Cumberbatch*,

I started to do some spring cleaning and was thinking of donating a couple of bags/purses I didn't want anymore and what better way to document this than a handbag collection, these bags are the bags that I have kept or recently bought and will be keeping. I have either been gifted these bags by my family for my birthday or Christmas or have bought them myself with my own money. I'm not trying to brag, I don't even have the Chanel Reissue 2.55 handbag yet!

Plum/Black side bag with gold chain and fringe
Was £30 got it for £20
(bought with a gift card)
Navy Blue/camel backpack
Herschel Pop Quiz backpack 17"
RRP £89.99, TKmaxx £24.99
Top: Either Birchbox or My Little Box (monthly subscription box)
First Middle: Hand-me-down from my sister
Second Middle: Claire's Accessories, was a side bag, but I cut the straps off
Bottom: H&M around £12.99 was a gift to my sister, but I stole/borrowed it!
Floral print side bag
Gold bag that hooks onto the skirt of your choli suit
From India
Between 100-200 rupees...I think

Cream bag with gold detailing
Dorothy Perkins

All my bags with long straps
One on the left:
Mink and Mint with gold turn clasp satchel

'Collect memories not things' Tote bag
My Little Box
Monthly subscription box

More tote bags
I always reuse carrier bags or not buy a bag at all if I have a big enough bag myself.
These will be stashed in the boot of my car once I get a car..pray for me!
5p charge per carrier bag came into English Law last year in October and I work in retail and many customers are still having hissy fits about it...your saving the earth one bag at a time CHILL!


Zara studded office city bag £49.99 (I believe)
H&M double zip open middle compartment bag £29.99

HM faux leather tote zip bag with two handles £19.99

Top: double handle with tie leather fringe straps and long shoulder strap HM £29.99
Bottom: Yoki fashion shoulder bag from Asos £28 (Excl. student discount)
*'All' Zoolander Character played by Benedict Cumberbatch
**All images have been taken myself and I solely own the rights to these photos, you may not use them without my permission.

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