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Good Morning all,

Last week Friday Adele was performing in the O2 Arena and luckily enough I went and was over the moon. My sister bought the tickets in the O2 priority 24hr pre-release in which I think we got pretty good seats. We sat directly opposite the stage on the other side of the arena, have a look at the map below of the O2 arena and where the red arrow is pointing is where we were sitting. The yellow drawing is the shape of the screens/stage Adele had that night.

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I was a bit uneasy about going to the Adele concert because a) I haven't listened to the whole album b) haven't listened to a lot of her songs, seriously I don't know what I am doing with my life if not listening to her albums. But, I was so glad I went to the concert in the end. It was amazing, the atmosphere, the way she presented the concert and above my sister bought the programme like she always does - one side had her eyes open and the other side her eyes shut.

I'm not going to include any videos as I believe that is copyright infringement and rather not get in trouble for that! But I have included some pictures of the concert and my wanderings around London.

*All images of the Adele concert by me and my sister

The doors opened at 6.30pm, but we used the chance to get into London a bit earlier and visit some shops and get some food in our bellies before the real fun started. We went to Brandy Melville for the first time and was really cool and bought a couple of tops, Oliva Bonas which is a really nice quirky gift shop/home d├ęcor store, MAC - bought some lipstick and lip pencil, Laduree in Covent Garden as I have never been there before and was beautiful upstairs in the tea seat area, Kikki.K a Swedish stationary shop - I went a bit nuts in there and bought a couple of things, and we went for a late lunch to On the Bab, a Korean restaurant in Covent Garden. I'll do a haul some time soon oh and a food review of On the Bab, probably next week.

She played the most popular songs from her discography - Hello, Skyfall, Rolling in the Deep, When We Were Young, Chasing Pavements to name a few. She ended the concert with Rolling in the Deep, which is my favourite song from her because a) has such a good rhythm to it b) was in a Gossip Girl episode which Blair and Chuck snuck into a Bar Mitzvah...but mostly b! At the end they had confetti cannons and the confetti had her lyrics on them how amazing, although I wished I sat closer to her and got better shots, at one point she was doing squats and lunges to let the audience have pictures/selfies with her.

I watched this one video of her having an interview for her album 21 or 19 with Ushi and I think you guys have to watch it, it is hilarious and you won't be able to stop laughing! Do you know what else is hilarious - Adele, well she isn't a what, but a whom. I swear she needs to do stand up comedy one day, she was so funny on stage tell her audience about the antics that she gets up to when not performing - one funny one was her mouth exercises she has to do every day, it was an actual show and tell piece!

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