My Birthday Wish List! 2016


Hey guys,

It has been such a long time not talking to you and I do apologize for that. I have been extremely bust and didn't want to start blogging again until I had some more free time which I do now.

It is my birthday in a couple of weeks and I wanted to share with you what I want for my birthday and I hope this inspires you a little to add some things to your wish list too!
My family won't be getting me anything apart from one thing I do hope as they mostly got me joint Christmas and Birthday presents during the festive season.

1. A new ring
My right hand is feeling a little empty as my sisters ring does not fit me anymore and starting digging into my finger ouch! I have been wanting a new ring for some time now and a higher standard of ring than my old Accessorize ring. I have found these beautiful stacking rings from Pandora and they are just gorgeous. Dazzling Daisy Ring £45, the Pink Cherry Blossom Flower Ring £35 and the Heart Stacking Ring £35. I think I most prefer the the Pink Cherry Blossom ring because the flower is smaller but also quite simple.

2. A new paddle hair brush from TK maxx infused with Argan oil
I saw these hair brushes in the TK Maxx in Uxbridge with my friend Natasha and they were quite cheap, but for some unknown reason I told myself I wouldn't buy one now and here I am wanting it and really needing it since now I am using a comb which is the worst for my hair type (I have thick frizzy hair, I am not impressed with myself right now!)

3. Free standing mirror preferably with light
Since redecorating my room I have a new desk which I do my make up, but need a better mirror before I used to do my make up in the bathroom of infront of a full length mirror however doing your make up standing up takes a lot of effort...I know I am lazy!

4. CAR
I would love a car, like LOVE! I have always wanted a car from a young but obviously you cannot drive when your 7 in this country! I was one of those kids that used to flick through the Argos catalogue and circle things that I would buy to pimp out my car..sad I know. Just a small little run around would do, but it has to be a 5 door car my family have such issues with getting into the back of the car smh.

*Photos from Google Images and PANDORA website

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