My Inspiration: Women


Hey guys,
So I thought I would write about the women I look up to in my life, now for this post its all actresses and models because I believe they have done great things in their lives and it's amazing how some of them deal so well with the media and the chaos of being in the modelling and film industry.

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon:
Great women - I just love them because they are so down to earth and have made their career solely based on their profession and they are good at it too but also Reese used to support Avon Cosmetics which didn't test on animals and I love that company because of it and its great products!

Miranda Kerr:
She is just amazing - great mother, business woman and supermodel whoohoo!
I like how she is very well kept and healthy, she focuses on keeping the body and mind in good condition and you can see the results for sure but also I want to aim to be as healthy and fit as her but obviously not going overboard I can handle myself

Angelina Jolie:
She is an inspiration to all with her acting skills as well as her humanitarian work - she has influenced me so much about working for the UN and helping people who cannot help themselves. She is also beautiful and takes crap from nobody, but also the fact that she re-invented herself into a well kept and reserved lady

Cara Delevingne:
Jheeze isn't she a beauty - I like her because she doesn't care about what people think of her like all the time or over think much and that she doesn't like labels. That's it really I don't know much of what else she does apart from trying to be a singer and actress as well.

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