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Hey guys,

I have recently started to post about personal statements as most of you are starting to write/or submit your personal statements to universities yaay! But what about those who have hardly a clue of what they want to do in uni most importantly or what to mention? Here is a post of compiled information from UCAS that I think would be really helpful in making your university choices, this definitely helped when I was going through the process.

Why are you applying:
  • For example why you want to study at higher education level.
  • Why that subject interests you.
  • What your ambitions are when you finish your course.

  • What makes you suitable:
  • Skills, knowledge, achievements and experience you have that will help you do well.
  • These could be from education, employment or work experience, or from hobbies, interests and   social activities.
  • Activities

  • Which of your skills and experiences are most relevant?
  • Check course listings to see what level of understanding you need to have and what qualifications or skills they're looking for.
  • This way you can link your experiences to the skills and qualities they mention, and you can put them into a structure that's most relevant to the course providers.

  • I started by choosing what subjects interest me the most, if you don't have an idea of what you want to do at university I would suggest you do something that interests you and also something that you love doing. Thinking about this logically it make sense to do something that makes you happy and interested then doing a 3+ year degree not enjoying what your learning which also as a consequence is a waste of money in addition to further opportunities to help your future.

    Activities before higher education:
    Extra-curricular activities are great for demonstrating skills on your UCAS application. Maybe something sporting, creative or musical – possibly with key skills like teamwork. Maybe paid work or volunteering, or an activity resulting in a grade, certificate or accreditation. There's so much available – something for all ages and backgrounds:
  • Clubs, societies and employment in your local area.
  • Higher education taster courses – summer schools like Plymouth University.
  • Science, technology, engineering and maths activities.
  • Skills development – ASDAN, Duke of Edinburgh, National Citizen Service or young enterprise.
  • Volunteering – vInspired Awards or WorldWide Volunteering Certificate.
  • Accreditation in personal effectiveness for activities that prepare you for higher education – ASDAN.

  • *information from UCAS website


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