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Hey guys,

Lately I've been thinking about what type of tattoo design I would want, 
I know I have ages to decide but it's more about getting the design and 
research of safe places to get it done so I can hopefully convince my parents to let me get it done.
Okay I just realised I left this post as a draft and wow it has been a long time since I have written this especially about this, my twin friends got tattoos done and it looks good so glad that they aren't red or in pain it is something that is forever...

1. Infinity...
I love the fact that most of my beliefs or moral principles won't change, they will always be infinite, so I think this symbol would be so great.

2. Roman Numerals
I want a tattoo that is the number 7 in Roman numerals which looks like this: VI
I love the fact that this especially has so much meaning to me personally
- my favourite no.
- 7 sins
- 7 virtues
- 7 circles of Hindu marriage
- 7 cycles or reincarnation
And that is all I can think of right now.

3. A tattoo written in Sanskrit and is displayed like it is on a scroll basically similar to Angelina Jolie's one except mine will be horizontal and in a different language.I would want something that would remind me of my mother a person who with out a doubt is amazing as a person and because she can read and write in Sanskrit.

And that is pretty much it I think I don't want more than 3 tattoos well just for now anyway, me and my siblings had a long discussion and they said no even though my brother has basically one large one on his forearm (hypocrite). They said after I finish my degree then we can talk about it but for now just leave it. I was very frustrated at this point but I have an idea I told my friends about which is to get it done during freshers week and pretend I was drunk at the time I got it. But then again they know I don't drink alcohol very much...damn

   Anyway ciao for now lol x

*Images from Google and Pinterest

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