Neutrogena Wave


Hey guys,
I am here to talk about one thing, one thing in particular..this ridiculous thing that is called a facial wash whatever. The Neutrogena Wave facial cleanser is anything but that, the refill pads cost a silly amount of money - (did not want to use ridiculous twice lol), but I didn't waste my money on refill pads I tried to finish off using it so I could go back to my original facial wash which The Body Shop green tea facial wash. It does the job of cleaning my face but leaves it dry and not nourished at all, considering this is the original there is one made for blackheads but I have not come to use nor will I ever, thinking how bad this product is for me personally. Just to remind you I have dry skin on my face. I hope you guys think twice before buying this product, you know what, I don't even think they sell this anymore!!

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