Organisation: To Do List


Hey guys,

This post is part of the organisation series, I love writing to-do lists, it is where I find my solace in life. I am quite highly organised to the point where it becomes freaky. But I like being the person who knows what they are doing at times, I do have my moments of complete and utter loss and confusion. I like being dependable but also laid back so even though I plan, I am okay with the plan going astray. 

My sister and I went to London and she bought me this nice black journal saying I should try the more professional look. It was also in sale too in WHSmith, as well as using it for a to-do list I would use it as a diary/journal to write down anything negative or hurt I was feeling. You know how they say if you have trouble sleeping, write all your thoughts down before bed well I do this to let go of the negativity.

There is a chance that you could read the images I have added but please understand that they are just my feelings, my opinion, I am not right in anyway shape or form. 

So far I have used this for - journal to let go of the -thoughts, bucket list (very long), blog ideas, and to-do list (4-5 pages during one summer now its a page!)

*All images are my own

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