OOTD: Plymouth Boat Party


Hey guys,
This is my outfit for this evening and yes I am standing on a chair! This is what I am wearing tonight to a party/disco on a boat which I am very excited about! Never been on a party on a boat before, more like a social.

My cousin got this for me and I absolutely love it!! This is a quick post since I don't really have much time since we are going to leave soon -- oh god I'm nervous geez...
Since it's summer, I'll hopefully be posting twice a week (I know this is what I say all the time but just remember I'm a noob alright!!)

There is so much I want to tell you guys but in due time, trying to get through these old posts as well making them neater and more professional argh! Things are moving forward with me recently and it creates a mixture of emotions but mostly excitement!

*All images are my own


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