Local Art Exhibition


Hey guys, a little over a year ago we had an art exhibition at my 6th form, they do one every year and luckily enough I was available to go and support some of my friend, whom had their art work on display. It was the shit amazeballs (yeah that's a word), they are having another one again on  Monday but I wanted to show you the type of work these talented folks do. Anyway my school was holding a silent auction for pieces of art created by the art students in my school (duh) I have always wanted to go in the previous years when my friends invited me but I couldn't because of other greater obligations (flash back of learning prima facie duties, lol) 

My gorgeous friend Natalia hiding her face in shame because she thought her stall was shit
If only I could slap her

Yes, well this is a not surprising scene, my friend Levi eating the hell out of that chicken,
even a little ended up on the floor because it just became so intense between him and that chicken
(the sarcasm...)


I got bored of waiting for my friends who were blabbing on and on about something or other, couldn't really remember what though, lol

*All images are my own

A x

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